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Why Do Cats Like The Scent Of Bleach? – 3 Doubtless Causes

You probably have encountered your cat taking a liking to the odor of bleach, you is perhaps questioning what the attainable causes for this are. You might have noticed your cat’s unusual antics of rubbing themselves in an space the place bleach has not too long ago been used, and there are just a few fascinating causes as to why your cat is displaying this habits.

This text will offer you the most probably causes your cat appears to love the odor of bleach!


The three Causes Cats Like The Scent of Bleach

1. Chlorine Pheromones

cat lying on the bathroom sink
Picture Credit score: Kapa65, Pixabay

Pheromones which set off a social response in animals play a significant function in feline bonding, territory marking, and mating. So, the odor of chlorine can act as a pheromone which then results in a cat rolling and sniffing the bleached space as a result of they’re interested in the odor. Some cats could also be having a purely hormone-based response to the odor of bleach as a result of all the things smells like a possible mate or is triggering the mating response in your cat.

2. Your Cat Interprets The Scent As An Intruder

Because the chlorine in bleach can launch pheromones, your cat would possibly suppose this irregular odor of their territory is an intruder. They could go to research the world and sniff it repeatedly to select up on any menace, similar to one other cat they don’t seem to be conversant in. These chemical pheromones trick their mind into pondering they’re coming into contact with the scent launched by an unfamiliar cat.

That is additionally a motive your cat would possibly roll onto the bleached space as a result of they’re making an attempt to switch the international odor with their very own.

3. Chemical Interplay


cat rubbing its head on the bathroom floor
Picture Credit score: mistermon, Unsplash

Chlorine appears to have a drug-like impact on cats, very like catnip. Some researchers imagine that chlorine can set off the completely happy receptors in a cat’s mind the identical method catnip does. Nepetalactone, which is an oil current in catnip, enters a cat’s nasal tissue and binds with the receptors that stimulate sensory neurons which then activate a number of sensory areas in a cat’s mind. This response appears to imitate how a cat acts after sniffing bleach for a very long time and works like a “drug”.


Steadily Requested Questions

Is It Secure To Let Your Cat Scent Bleach?

Since bleach is an irritant and harsh cleansing product, it may be probably dangerous to cats who always inhale bleach. Nevertheless, your cat smelling bleach sometimes in a well-ventilated atmosphere shouldn’t have any influence on their well being. When cleansing with bleach round cats, it’s at all times finest to dilute the combination first in order that it’s not so concentrated when the bleach is left to dry. You can even use a pet-friendly cleansing agent round the home should you discover that your cat has a powerful response to the odor of bleach.

Why Don’t All Cats Like The Scent Of Bleach?

Some cats can pay no consideration to the odor of bleach and would possibly even discover it unappealing to the purpose the place they are going to flip their noses as much as the odor. It’s believed that heritable traits within the species and particular person cats play a task within the traits they show when encountering bleach and its chemical elements.

Nevertheless, there may be extra to a cat’s habits than genetics. Some cat breeds are extra inclined to totally different reactions when smelling sure issues that might enchantment to different cats. Some breeds just like the Ragdoll cat are extra susceptible to having a response to the odor of bleach than different cats, particularly as a result of pheromones.

Why Do Cats Appear To Like The Scent Of Bleach?

Cats are superb at utilizing scents to detect chemical elements which will intrigue them. Since cats have developed to hunt alone, they rely closely on their senses, which implies that their sense of odor and listening to is heightened. Whereas bleach would possibly odor unappealing to you, it’d odor attention-grabbing to your cats.

The sniffing and rolling behaviors that some cats show once they come into contact with bleach can point out that they’re displaying approval of the odor and are attempting to get a greater odor of it, nevertheless, it can be a method of your cat scent-marking to say the odor of bleach as their very own, particularly if they’re enticed by the pheromones given off by the chlorine within the bleach.



The principle motive cats appear to love bleach a lot is due to the chlorine current within the bleach that produces pheromones that confuse your cat. Your cat could both benefit from the pheromones given off from the chlorine, have an identical response to once they have sniffed catnip, or would possibly suppose the odor of bleach is an intruding cat.

Every response your cat has to bleach differs relying on the breed of the cat and their particular person character and tolerance to chemical compounds.

Featured Picture Credit score: TShaKopy, Shutterstock

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