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What Breed of Canine Is Tracker From Paw Patrol?

Tracker from Paw Patrol is a Potcake, however that is disputed. Many assets throughout the net consult with Tracker as a Chihuahua, and his bilingual nature appears to allude to this.

Nonetheless, on the Nickelodeon mother and father’ web site and in official Paw Patrol YouTube movies, Tracker is described as a Potcake — a cross breed originating from the Caribbean islands.

divider-dog pawWhat Is a Potcake Canine?

Whereas not being essentially the most recognizable breed on the earth, the Potcake has a wealthy and thrilling historical past relationship again to the 1800s not less than, formally turning into a acknowledged breed by the Bahamas Kennel Membership in 2011.

The Bahamas coined the identify “Royal Bahamian Potcake” within the Seventies. Since then, the breed has gained important recognition, sufficient that the canine cartoon Paw Patrol gifted certainly one of its cute characters with the bizarre species.

Potcake Dog
Picture Credit score: Paul Sveda, Shutterstock

What Do Potcakes Look Like?

Potcakes symbolize an extended and eclectic checklist of various breeds; every Potcake’s look will fluctuate by island. This variation in bodily attributes isn’t totally extraordinary however owing to the Potcake’s unlucky prevalence in animal shelters on the islands. It’s protected to imagine quite a lot of crossbreeding with canines introduced on to the islands from abroad did (and nonetheless does) happen.

Most Potcakes could have two shade markings much like that seen in Tracker, doubtless from the presumed unique mixture of Labrador, Fox Terrier, and German Shepherd breeds that created the primary Potcake.

What Does Tracker Do in Paw Patrol?

Tracker is the jungle rescue pup in Paw Patrol, utilizing his glorious listening to to trace animals that want his assist internationally (therefore his identify!).

Tracker is bilingual and might converse English and Spanish. This can be one of many causes his breed is usually wrongly cited as a Chihuahua since Chihuahuas hail from Mexico.

Tracker makes use of his car, the Jungle Cruiser (inexperienced and white Jeep), to rescue animals in peril with the remainder of the Paw Patrol by deploying its spotlights and radar. His pup pack additionally comprises gear to assist him navigate the damaging jungle, together with a set of multi-tools and what seems to be a grappling hook.

How Previous Is Tracker From Paw Patrol?

Tracker is 4 years previous and is the youngest member of the Paw Patrol pack. Apparently, in canine years, Tracker could be 32, and he could be classed as a medium-sized canine.

What Is Tracker’s Catchphrase?

Tracker’s signature catchphrases are:

  • “I’m all ears!”/ “Soy todo oidos!”
  • “Oy, oy, oy.”

Tracker first used his catchphrase within the episode, “Tracker Joins the Pups!”.

divider-dog pawWhat Is Tracker Afraid Of?

Tracker may be very afraid of the darkish. That is first proven in his debut episode and is referenced all through the collection. He has tremendous delicate listening to, permitting him to select up the slightest sounds. At the hours of darkness, this additionally causes him to think about all kinds of scary creatures which may be looming. Regardless of this, he’s nonetheless a brave workforce member, in no small half because of his breed.

We have now sniffed out Tracker’s breed: the common-or-garden Potcake: a loyal and clever canine with humble beginnings, discovered solely on a choose few Caribbean Islands. This plucky pet makes use of his linguistic abilities and brave coronary heart to rescue all method of critters at risk and is a helpful asset to the Paw Patrol workforce.

Featured Picture Credit score: Paul Sveda, Shutterstock

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