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Veiltail Goldfish Care Information, Varieties, Lifespan & Extra (withPictures)

The very good Veiltail is a uncommon number of goldfish, simply confused with the extra frequent Fantail. This freshwater fish wants loads of room to swim freely and is a good tank mate for different sorts of fancy goldfish. Nevertheless, along with being tough to seek out in pet shops, the Veiltail is difficult to breed and is aimed toward skilled aquarists.

Learn on to find all of the aspects of those splendid colourful fish!


Fast Details About Veiltail Goldfish

Species Identify: Carassius auratus auratus
Household: Cyprinidae
Care Stage: Reasonably Tough
Temperature: Between 65°F and 72°F
Temperament: Peaceable
Coloration Kind: Orange, pink, metallic, and plenty of different colours are doable
Lifespan: 10 – 15 years
Dimension: 7 inches
Weight loss plan: Omnivore
Minimal Tank Dimension: 20 gallons
Tank Set-Up: Freshwater, bushy crops, no objects with sharp factors
Compatibility: Different goldfish, peaceable species

Veiltail Goldfish Overview

goldfish veiltail
Picture Credit score: Hans, Pixabay

Veiltails are stunning fancy goldfish, standard for his or her look however uncommon and tough to breed. They’re one in every of 125 sorts of fancy goldfish which might be solely bred in captivity.

The Veiltail goldfish was developed from the double-tailed, slender-bodied Japanese Wakin goldfish. This dainty-finned, veiled-tailed, shimmeringly coloured fish first appeared in Philadelphia within the late 1800s.

These slow-moving, peaceable fish can attain 7 inches in size and dwell for as much as 15 years if saved in optimum situations. They want loads of free-swimming house, are vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infections, and their stunning fins may be simply broken on sharp, tough aquarium fixtures.

How A lot Do Veiltail Goldfish Price?

Veiltail goldfish are uncommon, costly, and arduous to seek out in pet shops. For those who handle to discover a breeder, anticipate to pay between $40 and $50 per particular person, or much more. Additionally, watch out to not confuse it with the Purple Fantail goldfish, which is definitely present in pet shops and is offered between $5 and $20.

Typical Habits & Temperament

The Veiltail goldfish is a peaceable tank companion, loves swimming in teams, and will get alongside effectively with different non-aggressive sorts of fancy goldfish. Regardless of its sail-like tail, this fish doesn’t swim in a short time and might subsequently run out of meals should you place it in the identical tank with sooner species. Nevertheless, the Veiltail is an effective scavenger and fairly lively through the day.

Look & Varieties

Veiltail goldfish are typically confused with Fantail goldfish, though they’ve lengthy, skinny, and translucent fins and tails. The Veiltail’s dorsal fin, which may develop as much as 2 inches tall, helps differentiate the 2 varieties.

Veiltails goldfish have beautiful metallic sheen scales, largely in shades of pink and orange. They’ve an egg-shaped physique, a big head, and massive protruding eyes. Moreover, men and women are very related, each in shade and measurement, though the male is noticeably smaller than the feminine. A very good trick to inform them aside is to see if the male has small, light-colored growths on his gills.


Tips on how to Take Care of Veiltail Goldfish

Habitat, Tank Situations & Setup

Don’t neglect tank set-up if you wish to efficiently breed Veiltail goldfish. They’ve particular residing situations and are vulnerable to creating ailments, so you could take care to keep up optimum aquarium situations. On the one hand, these scavenger fish produce quite a lot of waste and always stir the underside of the water after they feed.

Furthermore, Veiltail goldfish want quite a lot of oxygen: it’s, subsequently, important to put in a very good water filtration system, ideally organic (for instance, by amply adorning the aquarium with bushy and oxygenating aquatic crops). This makes it simpler to keep up the water high quality of the tank, decreasing detritus and natural waste from the fish.

Tank Dimension

You will need to have a tank of no less than 10 gallons to accommodate a Veiltail goldfish, however the ideally suited measurement is 20 gallons per fish, to allow them to swim freely and discover their aquatic setting.

Water High quality & Situations

Veiltail goldfish want cool water between 65°F and 72°F. They’ll tolerate colder temperatures, particularly in winter earlier than the spawning interval, however their tank mustn’t drop beneath 50°F.

Water pH needs to be between 6.0 and eight.0, water hardness between 5 and 19 dGH, and ammonia and nitrite ranges needs to be zero.

With a purpose to measure tank water parameters often and above all, to make your life simpler, contemplate shopping for a very good all-around tester equipment.

Substrate and Crops

Gravel substrate, clean rocks, and aquatic crops assist create a pure and appropriate setting for Veiltail goldfish. Keep away from placing ornamental objects with sharp and tough sides, in any other case, your fish might harm their delicate fins.


Present reasonable lighting to your goldfish. In case your aquarium comes with lighting constructed into the lid, that can be greater than sufficient. It’s also possible to place the tank close to a window, which can present a pleasant supply of pure gentle for aquatic crops.


Veiltail goldfish produce quite a lot of waste. A very good water filtration system ought to include mechanical and organic filter media to take away natural waste and enhance water oxygenation.


Are Veiltail Goldfish Good Tank Mates?

two goldfish veiltail
Picture Credit score: Hans, Pixabay

Veiltail goldfish are peaceable and sociable: they thrive in teams and make wonderful tank mates, so long as the opposite species can also be peaceable.

The very best tank mates for the Veiltail Goldfish are the Telescope Goldfish, Celestial Goldfish, and Lionhead Goldfish.

Don’t hold your Veiltails with different sorts of slim-bodied goldfish, as these are typically sooner swimmers. Consequently, the slower, much less agile Veiltails threat operating out of meals.

Additionally, don’t hold Veiltails with fish with fin clips. Fin-nipping fish can harm the fragile fins and tails of the Veiltail. Lastly, tetras and bettas, that are often aggressive and territorial, are under no circumstances appropriate tankmates for placid Veiltail goldfish.

What to Feed Your Veiltail Goldfish

Goldfish of all species are omnivores and wish a various, protein-rich food plan: fish flakes, bloodworms, brine shrimp, different dwell or frozen small invertebrates, and plant-based meals that you would be able to simply discover in pet shops.

Don’t overfeed your Veiltail: they’re actual gluttons and can eat continuous should you allow them to. Feed them twice a day for only one minute.

Conserving Your Veiltail Goldfish Wholesome

Goldfish are typically fairly hardy and capable of adapt to harsher situations. In any case, goldfish are thought of the world’s worst invasive aquatic species when launched into waterways by careless folks! Nevertheless, this isn’t the case with Veiltail: this selection is delicate and prone to ailments, micro organism, and infections. These are different the reason why Veiltails are tough to breed.

These fish are vulnerable to, amongst different issues, swim bladder dysfunction, fin accidents (brought on by different fish or sharp, tough objects discovered within the aquarium), white spot illness (sometimes called “Ich”), and different bacterial and fungal infections.

To restrict these issues, clear the tank incessantly, change the water often, keep away from introducing new fish with out quarantining them first, and be looking out for some typical signs of bacterial infections:

  • Purple spots on the pores and skin
  • Ulcers
  • Enlarged eyes (exophthalmos)
  • Apathy
  • Ragged fins
  • Lack of urge for food


Veiltail goldfish are thought of a problem to breed. Ideally, you must have a ratio of 1 feminine to 2 males in a tank of no less than 20 gallons. You must also mimic situations discovered within the wild as a lot as doable to encourage spawning. Additionally, bear in mind that Veiltail goldfish spawn when the water will get hotter within the springtime:

  • Fill the tank with recent water at 50°F and hold it at this temperature all through the winter.
  • Beautify with bushy inexperienced crops.
  • Regularly enhance the water temperature within the spring, till the tank reaches 65°F.
  • Preserve the tank water pristine with partial water adjustments of about 20% day by day.
  • Feed your fish a high-protein food plan consisting of fish flakes and dwell meals, resembling bloodworms and brine shrimp.

If spawning situations are optimum, the feminine can lay as much as 10,000 eggs, which can then be fertilized by the males. Then it’s advisable to take away the dad and mom and place them in a separate tank in order that they don’t devour all their eggs. The fry will hatch a couple of days later and may be put out with bigger fish after they have reached no less than 1 inch in size.


Are Veiltail Goldfish Appropriate For Your Aquarium?

Veiltail goldfish are swish and peaceable little creatures, which make good tank mates for different fancy goldfish. Nevertheless, it’s a uncommon and tough selection to maintain, particularly for novice aquarists. They want very particular tank situations and are extra prone to illness and micro organism than different sorts of goldfish. As well as, their stunning however delicate tail can simply be broken by different fish or sharp objects.

Nonetheless, should you’ve carried out your analysis beforehand, have a tank of no less than 20 gallons, a wonderful water filtration system, and suitable goldfish species tank mates, then holding Veiltail goldfish might be a formidable and rewarding problem.

Featured Picture Credit score: Hans Braxmeier, Pixabay

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