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Tips on how to Groom Your Turkish Angora Cat (15 Tricks to Make Issues Simple)

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The Turkish Angora cat’s stunning, lengthy coat is a trademark of the breed. It seems to be excessive upkeep, however with common grooming, it’s really fairly straightforward to maintain your Angora’s coat trying beautiful.

Regardless of the breed, grooming a cat goes past seems to be. As an illustration, mats and tangles might be painful, particularly for long-haired breeds just like the Turkish Angora. Grooming additionally helps you bond together with your cat and verify for any medical points akin to fleas, pores and skin issues, and lumps.

Use these 10 tricks to make grooming time as nice and straightforward as doable for you and your Turkish Angora cat.


Earlier than You Begin: Turkish Angora Cat Grooming Instruments

You don’t want any fancy tools to groom your Turkish Angora cat. Get these fundamental grooming instruments and also you’re good to go:

  • An excellent high quality steel comb with each vast and slender enamel: This may enable you to take away tangles and mats.
  • A tender bristle brush: That is nice for on a regular basis brushing and distributing your cat’s pure oils.
  • A nail trimmerfnail: You’ll want this to maintain your cat’s nails brief and wholesome.
  • Delicate shampoo: Solely use shampoo meant for cats. Human shampoo is just too harsh and may strip away the pure oils of their pores and skin and fur.
  • Hair dryer: You’ll need to dry your Angora’s coat after bathing to stop tangles from forming.
  • Ear wipes: These come in useful for cleansing your cat’s ears.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: Common tooth brushing helps maintain your cat’s enamel wholesome and forestall gum illness.

It’s also possible to purchase these optionally available however good to have grooming instruments:

  • Dry shampoo: This turns out to be useful should you don’t have time for a full tub.
  • Cat cologne: A light-weight spray of cat-safe cologne can assist your Angora odor good between baths.
  • Mat splitters: These can assist you take away mats with out having to chop them out.
  • Grooming scissors: In case you have expertise trimming hair, you should use scissors to tidy up your cat’s coat.
  • Grooming razor: You should use a grooming razor to shave overgrown fur underneath the paws, round their backside, or anyplace else.

Should you’re not assured about trimming your cat’s fur your self, let a skilled groomer or veterinarian do it for you. They’ll additionally present you how you can correctly groom your cat so you are able to do it at house.


The 15 Steps for Grooming Your Turkish Angora Cat

Grooming a Turkish Angora cat includes day by day brushing, occasional bathing, and common nail and enamel care.

Every day Grooming for Your Turkish Angora Cat

A couple of minutes of brushing a day will prevent and your Turkish Angora quite a lot of hassle down the highway. It’s additionally one of the best ways to maintain these painful mats and tangles at bay:

1. Begin with a wide-toothed comb and work via any mats or tangles you see

Be additional cautious across the stomach, legs, and behind the ears the place the pores and skin is thinner and extra delicate.

Cat Comb
Picture Credit score: IhorM, Shutterstock

2. Use a tender bristle brush to softly brush the fur within the course it grows

This may assist take away any unfastened hair and distribute pure oils.

3. End up with a fast going-over with the wide-toothed comb to be sure you didn’t miss any knots

young woman holding cute white turkish angora cat
Picture Credit score: evrymmnt, Shutterstock

4. Each week or so, add dry shampoo to your grooming routine

Simply sprinkle it on and brush it via to soak up extra oil and assist cut back odors.

Should you discover mats or tangles which you could’t get out with a comb, you’ll be able to attempt utilizing mat splitters. These instruments enable you to lower via mats with out harming your cat’s pores and skin. It’s also possible to attempt utilizing your fingers to softly work out the knots. If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to chop the mats out with grooming scissors. Be very cautious to not lower your cat’s pores and skin!


Bathing a Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora cats don’t have to be bathed fairly often. In truth, bathing too typically can strip away their pure oils and result in pores and skin issues. An excellent rule of thumb is to solely bathe your cat after they’re visibly soiled or in the event that they begin to develop an odor.

Comply with these steps for kitty tub time:

5. Begin by combing out their fur to take away any tangles or mats

Getting your cat moist will make tangles worse.

Turkish angora cat after haircut at the veterinary clinic
Picture Credit score: Todorean-Gabriel, Shutterstock

6. Place your cat within the sink or bathtub and slowly moist their fur with heat water

Watch out to not get water of their ears or eyes.

7. Apply a small quantity of gentle cat shampoo to their fur and work it in properly

Make sure you keep away from the eyes, ears, and nostril.

girl washing a cat
Picture Credit score: Olleg, Shutterstock

8. Rinse the shampoo out

Rinse it out fully with heat water.

9. Take away your cat from the sink or bathtub

Now you’ll be able to wrap them in a towel to take away extra water.

Turkish angora cat taking a bath
Picture Credit score: Ekaterina Chuyko, Shutterstock

10. Use a hair dryer set on low to flippantly dry their fur

Don’t maintain the dryer too near their pores and skin or you might burn them.

11. Dry the fur completely

After drying, give your cat a remaining brush to take away any remaining knots.


Nail, Tooth, and Ear Look after Your Turkish Angora Cat

You don’t must do these typically, however they’re additionally an necessary a part of grooming a Turkish Angora cat. Retaining their nails brief will assist stop scratches and ripped furnishings. Brushing their enamel will assist maintain their enamel wholesome and forestall gum illness. That is significantly necessary in case your cat eats moist meals day by day because the additional moisture can result in tartar buildup. Lastly, cleansing their ears will assist stop ear infections and unhealthy odor.

To make this half simpler, do them multi functional grooming session. That method, your cat will get used to it and it gained’t be such a chore.

Right here’s how you can do nail, enamel, and ear care on your Turkish Angora cat:

12. To clip their nails, use cat nail clippers or scissors

Lower off the sharp tip of the nail, being cautious to not lower too far down and damage the short.

trimming nails of cat
Picture Credit score: Yimmyphotography, Shutterstock

13. Maintain the nail as much as the sunshine and search for the pink half within the middle

Should you can’t see it, simply lower a small quantity off the nail.

14. To brush their enamel, use a cat toothbrush and toothpaste or a gauze pad wrapped round your finger

Gently brush their enamel in a round movement.

Cat toothbrush
picture credit score: Alexander Dubrosvsky, Shutterstock

15. To wash their ears, use a cotton ball and apply heat water or ear cleaner

Gently wipe the within of their ears, being cautious to not go too deep. It’s also possible to use pet ear wipes already pre-soaked within the cleaner.

And that’s it! So long as you sweep them day by day, your Turkish Angora cat’s coat will keep stunning and wholesome. The remainder of their grooming might be finished on a weekly or month-to-month foundation.

Lastly, give them numerous treats and love throughout each grooming session. This may assist them affiliate grooming with optimistic experiences and make the method go extra easily.

Turkish angora with owner
Picture Credit score: New Africa, Shutterstock



Do Turkish Angora Cats Shed a Lot?

Turkish Angora cats don’t shed lots as a result of they solely have a single coat. They don’t have the undercoat that different cats have, so their fur doesn’t fall out as a lot. Nonetheless, they’ll nonetheless shed some fur, particularly through the spring and fall.

Their lengthy, superb hair can even get tangled simply. That is why it’s necessary to brush them repeatedly or they will get matted.

How Usually Ought to You Groom a Turkish Angora?

5 minutes of day by day brushing is sufficient to maintain your Turkish Angora cat’s fur clear, wholesome, and tangle-free.

Do You Have to Bathe Turkish Angora Cats?

It relies upon. In the event that they play outdoors lots, get soiled simply, or have a robust odor, then you might want to offer them a shower. In any other case, simply bathe them as wanted.


Remaining Ideas

Grooming a Turkish Angora cat’s attractive fur is less complicated than you suppose. Upkeep is the important thing. Reserve a couple of minutes every day to offer them a very good brushing, plus a daily schedule of grooming their ears, enamel, and nails. Deal with is an opportunity to point out your feline pal how a lot you like them. And with a bit endurance and apply, you’ll each be grooming like professionals very quickly!

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