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The Keen, Dynamic Wire Fox Terrier – Dogster

A hardy, mid-sized breed, the Wire Fox Terrier not often turns down a chase, a hunt or an invitation to playtime. Tenacious but amiable, decided but devoted, this Terrier stands on the tiptoe of expectation, ever prepared for all times’s adventures.

Wire Fox Terrier pedigree and historical past

Developed within the nineteenth century British Isles, the alert and lively Wire Fox Terrier was bred to hunt, in addition to to seek out and kill farm vermin. His doubtless ancestors had been black-and-tan working rough-coated Terriers originating in Wales and northern England.

The Wire Fox Terrier’s historical past is intently tied to English Fox searching. Hounds would chase the fox till he went to floor, then Terriers had been wanted to pester the fox from hiding locations. The Wire Fox Terrier, a mix of velocity, endurance and tenacity, may run close to the hounds and horses throughout the hunt with vitality left to observe a fox into burrows. Some hunters carried the early Terriers of their saddlebags, dropping them to drive the fox out as wanted.