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The 9 Advantages of Proudly owning Pet Birds – What Science Says

In keeping with analysis from 2018, over 7.5 million birds are pets in the US alone. Except you’ve had a pet chook previously, you may’t think about simply how nice of a companion they are often. When saved blissful and wholesome, these clever and delightful creatures can add pleasure and that means to their house owners’ lives.

In the event you’re contemplating adopting a chook for the primary time, you’ll want to maintain studying. We’ll reveal the highest 9 advantages of proudly owning a pet chook, so you realize precisely what you’re signing up for earlier than you convey your new avian good friend dwelling.


The 9 Prime Advantages of Proudly owning a Pet Hen

1. Lengthy Lifespans

two scarlet macaws
Picture Credit score: Angie Toh, Pixabay

Many companion birds have very lengthy life spans, particularly in comparison with different frequent family pets like canines and cats. This lengthy lifespan means you received’t must cope with the grief of dropping the one that you love pet after only a few years collectively.

Common Lifespan of Widespread Pet Birds

Species Common Lifespan in Captivity
African Gray Parrot 40–60+ years
Amazon Parrot 25–75+ years
Budgies (and Parakeets) 5–18 years
Caiques As much as 50 years
Canaries 10 years
Cockatiels 10–15 years
Cockatoos 20–60 years
Conures 10–30+ years
Doves 20+ years
Finches 5 to 9 years
Lorikeets 10–30 years
Lovebirds 10–25 years
Macaws 50–75 years
Parrotlets As much as 20 years
Quaker Parrots As much as 30 years

After all, it’s important to contemplate your personal age when adopting a pet chook. In the event you’re of a sure age, there’s a great likelihood your pet will outlive you. Do you’ve a plan in place in the event you cross away earlier than your chook? Who will maintain them while you’re gone or getting older?

2. Excessive Intelligence

African Grey Parrots Eat Walnuts side view
Picture Credit score: Dompr, Shutterstock

Birds are extremely smart pets. With sufficient endurance, many chook species might be taught to speak and sing. Notably good species, akin to African Gray Parrots, cannot solely parrot what they are saying however use phrases in context, asking for issues, and telling their house owners how they really feel. Some species also can practice themselves to repeat sounds from inanimate objects akin to doorbells, automotive honks, and different animals you’ve within the dwelling.

It’s not only a chook’s means to mimic sounds and be taught phrases that make them clever, although. Research recommend that some parrot species perceive object permanence, advanced social cognition, and mirror self-recognition.

3. Minimal Grooming Necessities

sparrow bird bathing
Picture Credit score: 1010889, Pixabay

Pets like canines and cats have excessive grooming wants. Some breeds might want to see the groomer each month to maintain their coats in tip-top form. Others will want frequent baths to remain clear and to maintain bugs like fleas at bay.

Birds, alternatively, are naturally hygienic creatures. They preen their feathers day-after-day to maintain them wanting their finest. All you actually need to do as a chook proprietor to assist your pet is a fast nail trim often. When given entry to a shower, your chook will bathe itself.

4. Extremely Affectionate

young girl kissing her pet lovebird
Picture Credit score: Dusan Stevic, Shutterstock

You may assume birds are aloof pets as a result of those you see within the wild aren’t probably the most affectionate. A wild chook will flee the second it senses a risk. With correct socialization and coaching, although, a companion chook might be simply as loving as a cat or a canine. Some birds might even turn out to be so hooked up to their house owners that they’ll tag alongside on day by day journeys to the shop.

Birds kind shut bonds with their people, and a few even take into account them to be “flock mates,” calling for them once they’re out of sight.

5. Lovely

Eclectus Parrots
Picture Credit score: Hans, Pixabay

Birds are completely stunning animals!

Solar Conures, for instance, are medium-sized parrots that mix practically all the rainbow of colours. Eclectus Parrots have superbly coloured plumage, too. They’ve sexual dimorphism that separates the males from the females. Male Eclectus Parrots are largely shiny inexperienced, whereas females are shiny crimson with deep purple markings.

6. Cheap to Feed

bird eating bird seed
Picture Credit score: Bruce Hong, Unsplash

Birds don’t eat a lot meals, particularly after we examine them to different family pets like canines. Even the most important chook species will solely eat a small quantity of meals day by day.

Companion birds want a food regimen of commercially made pellets and recent fruit and veggies. The very best high quality and most nutritious pellets are nonetheless cheaper, pound for pound, than the protein-rich diets cats and canines require. As for recent produce, put aside a small portion of the fruit and veggies you eat day by day on your chook’s meal.

7. Don’t Want a Lot of House

two African Grey Parrots
Picture Credit score: wasi1370, Pixabay

Smaller chook species, akin to canaries or finches, are nice for potential chook house owners who dwell in small houses or flats. Their cages aren’t monumental in order that they’ll match properly into practically any house.

Remember the fact that the larger the chook is, the larger cage it’ll want. For instance, the minimal cage measurement for a big parrot, like an African Gray, is 36 inches x 24 inches x 48 inches, whereas a finch can dwell fortunately in a cage that’s 30 inches x 18 inches x 18 inches.

8. Low Upkeep

green bird going out of a birdhouse
Picture Credit score: Skitterphoto, Pixabay

Most canine breeds want bodily exercise day-after-day to stave off boredom. The bigger the breed, the extra train is critical. Some canines will want as much as two hours of exercise a day, which might be powerful to find time for in the event you work full-time or produce other duties.

Birds don’t should be walked day-after-day and are fairly self-sufficient. However simply because they’re decrease upkeep than canines and cats doesn’t imply you may go away them alone all day. You’ll nonetheless want to offer them one-on-one consideration and provides them an opportunity to stretch their wings day by day.

9. Stress Discount

hummingbird perching on tree branch
Picture Credit score: Piqsels

Do you know that listening to birdsong can positively influence your psychological well being? Research present that some chook sounds present reduction from psychological fatigue and stress. The restorative impact of birdsong might must do with human evolution and our genetic desire for nature, together with its sights and sounds.


Last Ideas

As you may see, there are a number of advantages to proudly owning a pet chook. Bringing dwelling a brand new feathered good friend will not be a call that ought to be taken flippantly. Each member of the household should be on board and keen to place in an effort to maintain your new pet blissful and wholesome.

Featured Picture Credit score: mf evelyn, Unsplash

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