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Spitzhauben Hen: Footage, Information, Traits, And Care Information

Though it’s unforgettable in look and an absolute champion at egg-laying, the Spitzhauben Hen is just not a standard breed in the US, however its potential is limitless, particularly for small-scale farmers. This text will cowl important details about the breed, traits, and a care information for the Swiss chickens. We’ll additionally talk about how the birds can add worth to your pastime farm.

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Fast Details about Spitzhauben Hen

Breed Title: Appenzeller Spitzhauben
Place of Origin: Switzerland
Makes use of: Egg manufacturing
Rooster (Male) Measurement: 4.5 kilos
Hen (Feminine) Measurement: 3.5 kilos
Colour: Silver spangled (commonest), gold, black, blue, or chamois spangled
Lifespan: 5–8 years
Local weather Tolerance: All climates
Care Degree: Simple
Manufacturing: ~ 3 eggs/week, 150-180 eggs/12 months
Elective: Not but acknowledged by the American Poultry Affiliation

Spitzhauben Hen Origins

The Spitzhauben originated from Switzerland, the place it’s the nationwide fowl. It was first developed by monks within the 1500s and wasn’t discovered outdoors Switzerland till the late 1800s, nevertheless it remained uncommon even then.

Sadly, the breed was almost eradicated after World Battle II however was largely saved by the efforts of a German farmer who introduced the Spitzhauben to Germany within the Fifties. From there, the breed unfold all through Europe. The primary Spitzhauben chicks have been additionally exported to the US throughout this time.

Spitzhauben Chicken
Picture Credit score: Bullet Level Ranch, Shutterstock

Spitzhauben Hen Traits

The Spitzhauben is an energetic, usually flighty fowl that doesn’t tolerate confinement nicely. The breed wants house to roam and forage to succeed in its full potential. Spitzhauben which might be confined to a small enclosure could turn out to be aggressive and moody. The chickens are wonderful climbers and infrequently roost in bushes. Due to this, they want a secured space to roam, ideally with a tall fence or cowl to forestall escape and defend them from predators.

The Spitzhauben is a comparatively pleasant fowl, nevertheless it’s not essentially as calm and mild as different breeds. They’re often quiet and get together with different chickens except they don’t have sufficient house to maneuver round. Spitzhaubens like to forage and are often cheap to boost as a result of they’re consultants at scavenging for meals. They’re typically wholesome birds, however some U.S.-bred birds endure illnesses associated to inbreeding.

The Spitzhauben is an excellent egg layer, particularly for its smaller measurement. The one factor that decreases their manufacturing is the molting season, however they lay reliably all year-round, even in chilly climate. The eggs are medium-sized and white. As you would possibly anticipate from a fowl bred in a mountainous, Alpine nation, the Spitzhauben tolerates chilly climate. They’re surprisingly tolerant of warmth additionally, making them a superb alternative for many climates.

Appenzeller spitzhauben
Picture Credit score: Eyas, Shutterstock

Makes use of

The Spitzhauben was bred as an egg-laying fowl, and it sometimes produces 150-180 eggs per 12 months. In Europe and the U.Okay, Spitzhauben are raised as present chickens resulting from their hanging and delightful look. As a result of they lay so many eggs, hatching Spitzhauben chicks to promote is one other potential use of the breed.

Look & Varieties

Probably the most distinctive options of the Spitzhauben are its colours and upright crest. They’re small birds with rounded our bodies. Their combs are V-shaped, and the crest stands up and barely ahead on their heads.

The birds have blue legs and a bluish tint to their beaks. The commonest colour sample, particularly in the US, is silver spangled. This colour options white feathers with black edging, explaining why the Spitzhauben is typically described as a “Dalmatian with a mohawk.”

Different doable colour patterns embrace gold, black, blue, and chamois spangled. The birds even have white pores and skin. Whereas the U.Okay. and several other European international locations preserve a present normal for the Spitzhauben as a acknowledged breed, no such registry exists in the US.

Spitzhaubens in the US usually have inconsistencies of their look resulting from crossing with different breeds. Till the American Poultry Affiliation acknowledges the breed, consumers needs to be cautious and guarantee they’re buying precise Spitzhauben birds.


As we talked about, the Spitzhauben almost went extinct after World Battle II, and the breed’s numbers are nonetheless recovering. The truth is, the fowl is taken into account threatened resulting from their low world inhabitants. Most Spitzhauben chickens are present in Europe and the U.Okay. They continue to be comparatively arduous to seek out in the US, though they’re gaining reputation. Many U.S. breeders import birds from Europe to enhance the general high quality of the Spitzhauben in America.

Spitzhauben Chicken hiding in leaves
Picture Credit score: Jckfreder, Shutterstock

Are Spitzhauben Chickens Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Spitzhaubens are appropriate for a small-scale farm as a result of they’re cheap to feed and produce a excessive egg yield. With every fowl laying round three eggs per week, there are greater than sufficient to promote for revenue. As a result of they like to be raised free-range, Spitzhaubens are a greater choice for a small farm with loads of open house. Nevertheless, they’re not simple to seek out in the US.

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In case you’re contemplating elevating chickens for eggs, the Spitzhauben is a wonderful choice. Nevertheless, you want sufficient house for the birds to stretch their free-range muscle mass. Earlier than buying new chickens, double-check the native guidelines and rules regarding poultry and livestock. It’s additionally not a nasty concept to let your neighbors learn about your new enterprise. Hopefully, the promise of recent eggs to share will make the thought of Spitzhaubens residing subsequent door a bit extra interesting!

Featured Picture Credit score: Bullet Level Ranch, Shutterstock

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