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Snow Bengal Cat: Information, Origin & Historical past (With Footage)

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Bengal cats are one of the vital widespread cat breeds within the US. At cat exhibits, folks line up simply to catch a glimpse of their wild personalities and placing coat colours and patterns. The Snow Bengal is certainly one of them, with icy blue, cool inexperienced or golden eyes, ivory coats, and contrasting patterns.

Whether or not you’re contemplating shopping for a Snow Bengal otherwise you already personal one, it helps to know a bit about their previous, and that’s precisely what we’re studying about at this time! Let’s dive in.


The Earliest Information of the Snow Bengal in Historical past

We will thank famed cat breeder Jean Mill for giving us the Bengal breed within the first place.

Jean Mill was a conservationist for the Asian Leopard Cat. The Asian Leopard Cat is a small wild cat. Throughout Jean Mill’s time, this stunning wild cat’s inhabitants dwindled due to poaching. Jean Mill wished to assist. So, in 1963, she crossed an Asian Leopard Cat with a home cat.

Mill continued crossing Asian Leopard Cats with different home cats, creating all types of patterns and colours. In the end, she wished a tame cat so folks could be extra keen to buy a Bengal. The outcome was a strikingly attractive home cat with the coat and temperament of an Asian Leopard Cat.

All of this took a while, so it wasn’t till the early Nineteen Eighties that Mill established the breed accountable for the entire trendy Bengals we all know and love.

Snow Bengal Cat Kitten
Picture Credit score: Martin Carlsson, Shutterstock

How the Snow Bengal Gained Recognition

After 1986, breeders began experimenting extra with the Bengal breed, creating new patterns and colours.

It’s arduous to say when the Snow Bengal appeared, however we all know that by the Nineties, breeders have been crossing Bengals with Siamese cats to create the Snow Lynx Bengal—a white noticed Bengal with a brown-tipped tail and blue eyes. Since then, two extra Snow Bengal colours have appeared.

Formal Recognition of Snow Bengal

The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) acknowledged the Bengal cat as a breed in 1986 as an experimental breed. By 1991, Bengals had gained championship standing. They proceed to be one of the vital widespread breeds at any TICA occasion.

snow bengal cat in black background
Picture Credit score: Seregraff, Shutterstock

Prime 3 Distinctive Information In regards to the Snow Bengal

1. Snow Bengals like water.

Most cats need nothing to do with a couple of drops of water, however the Snow Bengal loves it. This most likely comes from their leopard cat and Siamese backgrounds since each of those cats are infamous for liking the water.

2. Jean Mill wished the Bengal coat to discourage girls from shopping for unique fur.

Everybody loves the Bengal’s stunning colours and spots, and Jean Mill took this into consideration. One of many causes she wished to breed an unique cat with a home cat was to discourage girls of style from shopping for unique furs. If girls related the fur with a beloved pet, they won’t purchase different furs.

3. Snow Bengals have three colours.

Bengals are available a couple of completely different colours and patterns, however the Snow Bengal has three completely different colours of its personal. The Snow Lynx Bengal has the lightest coloured coat of all of the Snow Bengals. It has a white or cream-colored coat with gentle or darkish seal markings. The tip of the tail is darkish brown and the eyes are an icy blue.

The Snow Minx Bengal has a cream, ivory, or barely off-white coloration with darkish seal markings. Their tail can be darkish, however their eyes are extra inexperienced or aqua.

Lastly, the Snow Sepia Bengal has the best distinction in coat coloration and markings. Their coats have a wealthy, heat cream coloration that may seem pale or darkish. Not like the Snow Lynx Bengal, the eyes are inexperienced or gold.

SNOW Bengal cat playing with catnip ball
Picture Credit score: OlgaOzik, Shutterstock

Does the Snow Bengal Make a Good Pet?

Bengals are unbiased in comparison with different cat breeds. They’re not precisely lap cats, however they love their homeowners, nonetheless.

Newer Bengals are extra calm in comparison with their ancestors from the 60s and 80s. New Bengals are a number of generations faraway from the Asian Leopard Cat, so you possibly can depend on having a cat appropriate for indoor life.

Regardless, Bengals are usually not for the faint of coronary heart. As descendants of the Asian Leopard Cat, Bengals nonetheless require train and psychological stimulation far above different cat breeds. They’re extremely energetic with a fiery ardour for searching, exploring, and climbing.

And not using a solution to fulfill this want, Bengal cats can change into unruly. However when you can present them with a number of cat timber, toys, and maybe a stroll every so often, they are often improbable animals to have as pets.

snow bengal cat sitting on cat tree
Picture Credit score: darko m, Shutterstock



Snow Bengals are one of the vital exotic-looking cats of all of the Bengals. Possibly you seen that the Snow Bengal’s historical past isn’t too completely different from different Bengals. It began with Jean Mill. She labored arduous within the 60s to offer the world a cat very very like the Asian Leopard Cat. Now, 50 years later, we are able to get pleasure from all types of patterns and colours!

Featured Picture Credit score: OlgaOzik, Shutterstock

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