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Silver Bengal Cat: Info, Origin & Historical past

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Bengal cats are identified for his or her uncommon markings and placing look. These lovely cats have the appears to be like of their wild ancestors however the personalities of home cats. They’re desired for his or her appears to be like and affectionate, playful natures.

Silver is a uncommon colour for this unique breed. An inhibitory gene is liable for the silver coat tone of those cats, so skilled breeders regard it as a scarcity of colour. The inhibitor gene washes out colour by inhibiting the genes that give cats their common colour of coat. If a cat’s coat colour is black, it may be washed out to gray by this gene.

Since Bengal cats usually have brown or golden coats, the inhibitor gene will wash out the colour to silver. Silver Bengals nonetheless carry the genes for brown coats, so two Silver Bengals may produce brown kittens.

Learn on to be taught extra concerning the Silver Bengal.

divider-catThe Earliest Information of Silver Bengal Cats in Historical past

Bengal cats are a cross between wild Asian Leopard (Prionailurus bengalensis) cats and home cats. They’ve the look of untamed cats, with the home cat’s dimension and temperament. A cross between a home cat and an Asian Leopard cat was written about in 1889 by Harrison Weir, a British artist often called “The Father of the Cat Fancy.” This cat was talked about in Weir’s guide, “Our Cats and All About Them.” In 1924, a Belgian scientific journal additionally talked about this cross. This combined cat was not but named a Bengal.

In 1941, a Japanese journal featured an article about this wild combine cat being saved as a pet. There is no such thing as a report to point that these combined cats talked about have contributed to the Bengal breed as we all know it right now, although.

How Silver Bengal Cats Gained Recognition

In 1960, Jean Sugden Mill started crossing Asian Leopard cats with home cats to develop the Bengal cat that we all know right now. The ensuing kittens turned standard as a result of folks had been intrigued with the thought of getting a cat that appeared wild however acted tame.

In these early years of improvement, Bengal cats had solely brown or golden coats. Silver Bengals didn’t come round till the Nineteen Nineties. Judy Sugden, the daughter of Jean Sugden Mill, bred a Bengal cat with a silver home cat, believed to be an American Shorthair. Silver Bengals had been created, and their distinctive coat colour turned extremely desired.

Formal Recognition of Silver Bengal Cats

Silver Bengal Cat
Picture Credit score: Wendy Cutler, Flickr

By 1986, The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) accepted Bengal cats as a breed. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy adopted in 1997. The Cat Fancier’s Affiliation accepted the breed in 2016.

Nevertheless, the unique Bengals had been brown. Silver Bengals weren’t created till the Nineteen Nineties, so that they had been accepted into the Bengal breed later. In 2004, Silver Bengals had been formally acknowledged by TICA.

High 5 Distinctive Info About Silver Bengal Cats

1. They Are Thought-about the “Rolls Royce” of Cats

After a girl in London paid $50,000 for her Bengal cat in 1999, the cats got this nickname.

2. They Are Absolutely Domesticated Now

Any Bengal cats which you could personal right now are from later generations. This implies you received’t be getting a kitten that instantly resulted from a home cat bred with an Asian Leopard cat. You’re getting a kitten that’s the results of two home Bengal cats.

3. They Are Pure Hunters

Bengal cats nonetheless retain a few of their wild instincts, and one among them is their potential to hunt. These cats have excessive prey drives and don’t thoughts water — the truth is, a few of them really prefer it. This implies your Bengal shouldn’t be trusted round your fish tank. In addition they shouldn’t be left unsupervised with small pets like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets.

4. Bengals Aren’t Authorized All over the place

Bengal possession is restricted or prohibited in some areas. Chances are you’ll want to accumulate a particular allow as a way to have one among these cats. In case you’re taken with getting a Bengal, verify your native legal guidelines for authorized possession info.

5. Bengals Are Good

A Bengal cat is very clever and in a position to be taught instructions and tips. They may even be skilled to stroll on a leash. To maintain them entertained and busy, problem them to be taught new tips, clear up puzzles, and play video games.

divider-catDoes a Silver Bengal Cat Make a Good Pet?

silver bengal cat
mage Credit score: Valeri Pavljuk,Shuttersto

Silver Bengal cats are completely different than most different home cats. Many individuals think about cats to be solitary animals, however Bengals crave consideration from folks. They don’t prefer to be left alone for lengthy intervals. They’re playful and want common consideration from their homeowners. Ideally, they need to have at the very least an hour of interactive play every day to maintain them from becoming bored.

Bengals like to climb. The upper, the higher for them, so it’s greatest to have a number of cat timber or cabinets that they’ll climb on and discover. They’re nice cats for households that need an affectionate playmate with out being excessively wild.

Bengals love water, so chances are you’ll discover your Silver Bengal enjoying within the sink or making an attempt to affix you within the bathe. They’re sensible cats that may be taught tips and be taught to unravel puzzles.

In case you’re searching for a Silver Bengal, make sure to discover a respected breeder who places the well being and security of the cats and kittens first. Since Silver Bengals are uncommon, they normally carry a better price ticket. Ensure the breeder can present well being documentation from a vet, has their kittens vetted appropriately for his or her age, and is open and trustworthy with you concerning the course of. It’s best to have all of your questions answered and be allowed to see the kittens and dad or mum cats earlier than handing any cash over.

Silver Bengals are lovely cats that make distinctive and loving pets. Simply understand that they differ from most different home cats in a number of methods.


In case you’re able to welcome a Silver Bengal cat into your property, be prepared for a enjoyable, energetic, and loving pet. These lovely cats are by no means boring. You’ll wish to watch them round small animals, although, as a result of they’ve excessive prey drives and are hunters by nature.

Whereas Silver Bengals differ from different home cats, they’re rewarding to personal. Remember to do your analysis on a good breeder for a kitten or to verify Bengal cat rescues in your space to undertake your Silver Bengal.

Featured Picture Credit score: MaryBog, Shutterstock

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