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Prime 21 Most Well-liked Household Canine Breeds in 2022

There are a number of elements to think about when deciding on a canine for your loved ones. Not all canine breeds are appropriate for houses with kids, whereas some might do higher with older kids solely. It’s essential to know what you’re moving into earlier than bringing a canine residence to your loved ones. This won’t solely preserve your loved ones secure and cozy but in addition preserve your canine pleased and stress-free. Listed here are among the hottest canine breeds that always do nicely in household settings.


Prime 21 Most Well-liked Household Canine Breeds

1.  Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers_Shutterstock_Tina Rencelj
Picture Credit score: Tina Rencelj, Shutterstock
Peak: 21.5–24.5 inches
Weight: 55–80 kilos
Temperament: Outgoing, pleasant, playful

The Labrador Retriever has been the most well-liked canine in America for round 30 years now, and for good causes! This breed may be bombastic, however they’re glorious household canine. Labs are pleasant and outgoing canine that usually get alongside nicely with folks of all ages. Though energetic and energetic, they’re usually pleased to be sofa potatoes as nicely, making them appropriate for houses with quite a lot of exercise ranges. They’re usually welcoming of strangers and guests, however they’re loyal canine that adore their folks.

2. Golden Retriever

Close-Up Shot of a Golden Retriever
Picture Credit score: Brigitte Pellerin, Pexels
Peak: 21.5–24 inches
Weight: 55–75 kilos
Temperament: Light, loyal, clever

The Golden Retriever is one other breed that persistently ranks among the many hottest canine breeds in America. Goldens are loyal and loving canine which can be identified for his or her gentleness. They’re usually fairly tolerant of kids, even kids they aren’t conversant in. They are typically energetic canine which can be pleased to take part in absolutely anything their persons are taking part in, making them an important addition to energetic households. Their intelligence and need to please make them extremely trainable canine.

3. Beagle

beagle standing outdoor
Picture Credit score: Andrey_and_Lesya, Pixabay
Peak: As much as 15 inches
Weight: As much as 30 kilos
Temperament: Genial, curious, excitable

The Beagle is persistently ranked among the many hottest canine breeds for houses with kids. These pleasant and outgoing canine are identified for his or her exuberance, usually having a zest for all times that they inform the world about by their joyful baying. They aren’t an important breed for houses that would favor a quiet canine, however they’re usually playful however light with kids. Nicely-socialized Beagles are usually good with kids of all ages, together with kids they don’t know nicely. They’ll make glorious companions that can present loyalty and love for his or her folks.

4. Bulldog

male bulldog standing on grass
Picture Credit score: Pixabay
Peak: 14–15 inches
Weight: 40–50 kilos
Temperament: Calm, humorous, courageous

The Bulldog might not look like a very good breed for households to the uninformed, however Bulldogs may be glorious household canine in the proper household. These canine are typically calm and never overly energetic, making them nice in busy houses the place persons are ceaselessly gone. Nevertheless, they do should be inspired to be energetic daily to maintain them wholesome and stop boredom. Bulldogs might have an air of royalty about them however they can be fairly amusing canine which can be usually fairly light and affected person with kids.

5. Pug

Picture Credit score: Katrinbechtel, Pixabay
Peak: 10–13 inches
Weight: 14–18 kilos
Temperament: Charming, loyal, mischievous

The Pug might look like an unlikely breed for households, however Pugs have lengthy been identified for his or her love of kids. These canine could also be small and goofy wanting, however they’re courageous canine (till it’s time for a nail trim) that present intense loyalty, particularly towards kids. Pugs are charming, which frequently permits them to get away with all method of mischief, so it’s essential to work on coaching to maintain your Pug in line to maintain them secure. Make it possible for kids which will stroll the canine perceive the low tolerance that Pugs and different flat-faced breeds must warmth.

6. Irish Setter

Irish red setter red dog breed
Picture Credit score: Kseniia Kolesnikova, Shutterstock
Peak: 25–27 inches
Weight: 60–70 kilos
Temperament: Trainable, energetic, candy

The Irish Setter is a stunning canine breed that’s usually clever and trainable. They are typically loyal and affected person canine, making them good companions for youngsters. They’re extremely energetic canine, making them a very good match for houses with members of the family that spend plenty of time outdoor and customarily being energetic. Irish Setters that aren’t supplied with sufficient exercise might turn out to be bored, and in some circumstances, might present indicators of stress and aggression, so offering every day exercise is a should with this breed.

7. Brussels Griffon

brussels griffon_otsphoto, Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: otsphoto, Shutterstock
Peak: 7–10 inches
Weight: 8–10 kilos
Temperament: Clever, interactive, curious

The Brussels Griffon is a small canine breed that’s sturdier and far more durable than it might seem. This breed tends to like kids, they usually general take pleasure in spending time with folks of nearly any age, though they might try and play too tough with young children. The Brussels Griffon is curious and mischievous, so be ready for a handful with these small canine. Like different flat-faced breeds, they’ve a poor warmth tolerance, however they’re a considerably energetic breed, so discovering methods to have every day exercise is a should.

8. French Bulldog

female french bulldog sitting
Picture Credit score: Piqsels
Peak: 11–13 inches
Weight: As much as 28 kilos
Temperament: Playful, adaptable, clever

The French Bulldog has quickly elevated in reputation during the last decade, and it’s straightforward to see why. These charming canine are playful however clever. They’re adaptable to quite a lot of environments, they usually are typically a “flow” kind of canine. Their playfulness and durable construct usually make them appropriate companions for youngsters, though their flat faces could make them poorly suited to sizzling environments. They’ll admire every day exercise, however this isn’t a very energetic breed.

9. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog
Picture Credit score: Pandas, Shutterstock
Peak: 26–28 inches
Weight: 100–150 kilos
Temperament: Affected person, loyal, light

The Newfoundland is the quintessential light big kind of canine breed. These large canine are identified for his or her persistence and gentleness, in addition to their loyalty and bravado. Newfies are sometimes used as life saving canine, and this high quality makes them nice companions for youngsters. They’re large, sturdy, and affected person sufficient to tolerate kids, they usually are typically good with strangers. This breed isn’t overly energetic, however they do admire house to maneuver and play daily, so ensure you’re prepared to supply this.

10. Collie

Female Border Collie
Picture Credit score: Lucia Horvath Pictures, Shutterstock
Peak: 22–26 inches
Weight: 50–75 kilos
Temperament: Devoted, light, sleek

The Collie turned most well-known when Lassie got here onto the scene, and this stunning breed has continued to show itself for the many years since. Collies are identified for his or her devotion to their folks. They are typically light and affected person canine, though they will not be significantly outgoing with strangers. This clever breed does greatest with some kind of job, so you could have to get inventive to maintain your Collie’s mind and physique exercised and energetic.

11. Poodle

A Poodle on the Grass
Picture Credit score: Skyler Ewing, Pexels
Peak: As much as 22 inches
Weight: 6–70 kilos
Temperament: Clever, alert, energetic

The Poodle is available in a number of sizes, permitting you to pick out a canine that’s greatest suited to your house. General, although, Poodles are extremely smart and trainable canine. They are typically outgoing and energetic canine that want every day exercise. Their alert and clever nature makes them good canine for houses with kids. That is very true of normal Poodles, whereas toy and miniature Poodles could also be much less tolerant of kids. Poodles are extremely prized for a way straightforward they are often to coach, however they do have average to excessive grooming wants, so a dedication to offering correct coat care is important.

12. German Shepherd

German Shepherd Standing
Picture Credit score: PxHere
Peak: 22–26 inches
Weight: 49–88 kilos
Temperament: Loyal, courageous, clever

The German Shepherd is likely one of the most recognizable canine breeds, and they’re extraordinarily fashionable. This could be a difficult canine breed, particularly for first-time canine house owners, so make certain to completely analysis this breed earlier than bringing it residence. Correctly socialized German Shepherds could make loyal and affected person companions for youngsters. They’re a excessive exercise breed, so be ready to take time daily to train and entertain your German Shepherd. These canine are courageous and protecting canine that can preserve people and your property nicely guarded.

13. Boston Terrier

boston terrier on leash
Picture Credit score: eClick, Shutterstock
Peak: 16–17 inches
Weight: As much as 25 kilos
Temperament: Comical, pleasant, clever

The Boston Terrier is a vigorous canine breed that’s identified for its distinct look and sometimes comical character. These canine are clever, though they do typically exhibit typical terrier stubbornness. They are typically light canine, although, and are sometimes affected person with kids. They’re usually good with strangers, though they might be cautious of unusual animals. It is a flat-faced canine breed that has a poor warmth tolerance, however they do profit from every day exercise.

14. Boxer

male boxer dog standing on grass
Picture Credit score: Dmitry Kalinovsky, Shutterstock
Peak: 21–25 inches
Weight: 60–70 kilos
Temperament: Goofy, courageous, vivid

The Boxer is a goofy and playful canine breed that’s usually nicely suited to household houses. These courageous and constant canine are clever and trainable. They’re energetic canine that do greatest with every day exercise, so that they’re greatest suited to energetic households. They’re a flat-faced breed, although, so their warmth tolerance could also be low. Boxers are sturdy canine that may be excitable, so coaching and train are the very best methods to make your Boxer greatest suited to a house with kids.

15. Dachshund

Dachshunds playing with his ball toy
Picture Credit score: Hayden Patmore, Unsplash
Peak: 5–9 inches
Weight: As much as 32 kilos
Temperament: Cussed, brave, playful

The Dachshund usually has the proper temperament for household houses, though they will not be significantly tolerant of small, loud kids. The largest concern with Dachshunds in houses with kids is their danger of again damage, particularly with tough dealing with, so it’s crucial to make sure secure dealing with of this breed by kids. They’re playful canine that are typically energetic, they usually take pleasure in quite a lot of actions, from puzzles and video games to every day walks. They are often cussed, making them troublesome to coach, however their intelligence does make them trainable.

16. Pomeranian

pomeranian dog lying on grass
Picture Credit score: Pixabay
Peak: 8–11 inches
Weight: 3–7 kilos
Temperament: Outgoing, playful, pleasant

The Pomeranian is an outgoing and vigorous canine that always has an excellent temperament for houses with kids. They’re fairly small, although, and their our bodies may be delicate as a result of their dimension, so correct dealing with is important to maintain your Pomeranian secure. This breed tends to be good with strangers and guests, though they are often noisy, so don’t be shocked in case your Pom barks at guests to the house, together with kids. They normally heat up shortly, although, and love the eye that individuals give to them.

17. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
Picture Credit score: EvitaS, Pixabay
Peak: 18–23 inches
Weight: 40–60 kilos
Temperament: Energetic, loving, pleasant

The Australian Shepherd is an energetic canine breed that loves having a job, making them a very good match for energetic households with loads of out of doors actions. They’re particularly appropriate for taking part in canine sports activities, like agility and obedience. Aussies are loving and pleasant canine, though they’re additionally identified to be protecting of their folks once they sense a risk. They’re an clever breed that tends to be straightforward to coach as a result of their eagerness to please.

18. Shih Tzu

shih tzu dog walks in the garden
Picture Credit score: Yarnawee Nipatarangkoon, Shutterstock
Peak: 8–11 inches
Weight: 9–16 kilos
Temperament: Regal, affectionate, clever

The Shih Tzu might shock you by displaying up on this record as a result of they’re usually considered high-maintenance, frou-frou canine. Nevertheless, the Shih Tzu is an clever and trainable canine that tends to indicate an excessive amount of affection towards its folks, together with kids. They’re usually pleasant canine that get alongside nicely with strangers, though they might be aloof or uncomfortable with new or loud kids and animals. This breed does have excessive grooming wants, so a dedication to coat care is important.

19. Rottweiler

rottweiler standing
Picture Credit score: Ricantimages, Shutterstock
Peak: 22–27 inches
Weight: 80–120 kilos
Temperament: Protecting, courageous, calm

The Rottweiler acquired a foul fame as an aggressive canine breed within the Nineteen Nineties, however this breed is definitely exceptionally nicely suited to houses with kids. Rottweilers are extraordinarily loyal, courageous, and protecting canine, and many individuals who preserve them report them displaying an intense bond and protectiveness towards their kids. They might be aloof with strangers, together with kids, so be ready to place the canine away when guests come by in case your Rottweiler is overly protecting. This breed is trainable and tends to be calm and mild.

20. German Shorthair Pointer

German Shorthaired Point_Vitalii_Mamchuk, Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: Vitalii_Mamchuk, Shutterstock
Peak: 23–25 inches
Weight: 55–70 kilos
Temperament: Daring, trainable, excitable|

The German Shorthair Pointer is an excitable and exuberant canine breed that may be appropriate to houses with energetic kids, particularly older kids. These canine are typically daring and outgoing, even with strangers. They’re usually extremely trainable canine, and their loyal nature makes them dedicated companions. It is a breed with sturdy instincts towards looking, and it may be troublesome to coach across the prey drive related to this, so the GSP will not be a very good possibility in houses with small animals, like rodents and reptiles.

21. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier charles king spaniel
Picture Credit score: Krissi Lundgren, Shutterstock
Peak: 12–13 inches
Weight: 13–18 kilos
Temperament: Light, candy, social

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a good looking and sleek canine breed. This breed is well-loved for its light, candy nature, which usually extends to kids and adults alike. They’re usually good with strangers, and many individuals contemplate this breed to be sociable, even with different animals. They’ll profit from every day exercise, though this isn’t a high-energy canine breed. This breed can profit from video games and puzzles for leisure, in addition to every day walks.



There are plenty of incredible canine breeds to carry right into a household family, but it surely’s essential to understand that canine are as particular person as people are. Temperament and character can differ between canine, however deciding on a canine from a accountable breeder who breeds for well being and temperament can provide the greatest shot at ending up with a canine that can have a temperament that meets its breed commonplace. You will need to additionally keep in mind that kids have to be taught to respect canine, and irrespective of how affected person you suppose your canine is, they might chew or snap if confused or harm.

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