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Learn how to Retailer Canine Meals – 8 Ideas and Tips

While you’re in search of an excellent place to retailer your canine’s meals, you may not understand there are some things to contemplate first.  Whether or not the meals is moist or dry, canned or in a sealed bag, there are completely different storage choices that can work greatest.

Take into consideration the area in your house, components like temperature, and any directions you see on the pet food itself. Will you retain the pet food in its unique container or are you trying to put it into a brand new container? Proceed studying for a step-by-step information on retailer pet food.


Learn how to Retailer Canine Meals – 8 Ideas and Tips

1. Take into account Room Temperature

woman giving food to a brown dog
Picture Credit score: Actual Natures Meals, Unsplash

While you buy pet food, it is best to take into account its required room temperature. An excessive amount of humidity may cause meals to spoil faster whereas a colder setting may have an effect on the feel of the meals.

For instance, a bag of dry meals ought to be saved in a cool, dry place like a pantry or a cabinet. Moist meals purchased in cans ought to be saved in an analogous place. However opened moist meals cans might require refrigeration. Be sure you have acceptable cupboard space for whichever meals possibility you select.

2. Switch to New Containers

dog food in plastic container
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Though it’s not essential to empty dry pet food into a brand new container from its unique bag, you possibly can nonetheless do that. There are a number of issues if that is your desire.

The primary can be to make sure that the container is clear and dry. An excessive amount of moisture will spoil dry pet food. It’s additionally vital to make use of a container that has some moisture management. Use a fabric that doesn’t have any air holes and received’t maintain in moisture. One other factor to consider is holding the pet food protected. Be certain to make use of a container with an hermetic lid to maintain critters out and freshness in.

3. Moist vs. Dry Meals

wet and dry dog food
Picture Credit score: Sharaf Maksumov, Shutterstock

After opening a bag of dry pet food, it’s good to use a clip or tape to seal the bag after use. This can guarantee correct freshness and hold the standard of your canine’s meals excessive. Put the bag again into its cool, dry place and ensure it’s closed.

Alternatively, relating to opened moist meals, it ought to be saved within the fridge. Hold a bag or reusable can lid over the moist meals to maintain it protected from leaking or contamination from different meals. You possibly can retailer dry or moist meals within the freezer if the meals shall be left for a while, however this might compromise its high quality if left for too lengthy.

4. Hold Containers Clear

man holding plastic container
Picture credit score: Stanislav71, Shutterstock

If you’re utilizing a separate container to retailer your dry pet food, keep in mind to maintain it clear usually. This implies emptying it out utterly to take away any outdated items of pet food sitting on the backside.

5. Use Meals by Finest Earlier than Date

woman buying dog food
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Have a look at the container of moist or dry pet food to see if it has a greatest earlier than or expiry date on it. These dates ought to be thought-about if you take into consideration how lengthy the meals is sitting out or getting used. You may discover dry pet food changing into stale or shedding its aroma, whereas moist pet food could be discolored, hardening, or forming slimy substances alongside the highest. Unopened canned meals is usually extra shelf-stable, however you may discover your pop turning their nostril as much as it after some time.

6. Retailer Away from Water Sources

woman feeding dog with dry food
Picture Credit score: RossHelen, Shutterstock

It’s vital to consider the place you’re placing your pet food in your house. Hold dry pet food in paper baggage away from damp basements that may have small water leaks every so often. You must also hold meals, moist or dry, away from direct daylight. One of these situation may lead to faster spoiling and excessive moisture ranges. Meals sitting in water or different varieties of moisture may cause mildew.

7. Don’t Combine Previous and New Meals

pouring dog food in food bowl
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One thing many pet mother and father don’t consider when they’re switching from an outdated bag of pet food to a brand new one is to chorus from mixing the 2 collectively. For instance, in case you purchase a brand new bag of dry pet food, utterly clear out the container of the outdated meals.

Take into consideration your canine’s meals bowl; in case you simply hold pouring new meals over outdated meals with out clearing it out, they could be consuming soiled outdated meals. That is unappetizing on your canine.

8. Hold Meals Recent

man buying pet food
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Aside from utilizing meals by its expiry date, you must also take into account different methods you possibly can hold it its freshest. While you purchase baggage of dry meals, don’t go away the bag open to sit down out all day and night time. With moist pet food, you don’t need to hold cans mendacity round in your counter for hours on finish. In the event you can’t keep in mind how lengthy one thing has been sitting, it’s safer to throw it out!



There are many issues to contemplate when storing pet food. The way you retailer it depends upon the kind of pet food in addition to whether or not or not you’re leaving it within the unique container or transferring it to a brand new container. Simply make sure you hold air and moisture out of the meals as properly, which may trigger it to spoil extra shortly.

Featured Picture Credit score: RossHelen, Shutterstock

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