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Kosher King Rooster: Information, Makes use of & Origins (With Footage)

Kosher King chickens are a more recent breed bred for meat. If you happen to’re concerned with elevating chickens for meat, they’re a fantastic selection due to their hardiness, availability, and scrumptious taste.

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Fast Information about Kosher King Chickens

Breed Identify: Kosher King
Place of Origin: USA
Makes use of: Meat
Rooster (Male) Measurement: 7 lb.
Hen (Feminine) Measurement: 5–6 lb.
Colour: Silver, pink, barred
Lifespan: Matures in 12 weeks
Local weather Tolerance: Hardy
Care Degree: Straightforward to medium
Egg Manufacturing: Poor
Meat Manufacturing: 4–5 lb (hen); 6 lb (rooster)

Kosher King Rooster Origins

The Kosher King is a hybrid breed descended from heritage breeds just like the Barred Rock and the Sussex. It was bred to be an alternate for the Cornish Cross hen, reaching the same dimension however with a extra pure development price and higher well being. It’s a meat hen, and Kosher King Hens are usually poor layers.

Kosher King Rooster Traits

Kosher Kings are recognized for his or her good temperament, as they’re normally docile and pleasant to people. They’re energetic, sturdy chickens that require area to be their happiest. They’re additionally nice foragers, and if given sufficient room, they’ll complement their weight loss program with forage. These hardy, sturdy chickens can survive many climates; though when you purchase chicks within the fall, they could want further safety in opposition to chilly winters. They’re typically out there year-round.

These hens don’t lay nicely, so it’s recommended that you just purchase chicks from a hatchery as a substitute of making an attempt to home-breed chickens. They attain their ultimate weight at round 12 weeks of age, so that they aren’t as fast-growing as some meat chickens, however they do develop sooner than many heritage breeds.

Makes use of

The Kosher King hen is a meat hen recognized for its scrumptious white and darkish meat and its ease of care. Males yield about six kilos of meat when dressed, whereas females weigh in at as much as 5 kilos.

In some components of the nation, feminine Kosher King chickens are prized to be used in ethnic Chinese language dishes. Because of this male chicks are sometimes out there for a lower cost in comparison with most breeds of meat chickens.

Look & Varieties

Most Kosher King chickens are barred black and white, giving them an exquisite speckled look. A couple of Kosher Kings are additionally silver or pink barred and sometimes strong pink. They’ve medium-sized pink combs and wattles. They’re medium to massive in dimension. Kosher King chicks additionally are available in a wide range of colours, together with black and yellow.


Kosher King chickens had been bred within the US initially. They do nicely in most climates and are pretty hardy. In addition they are good foragers and customary throughout many of the United States. You possibly can order day outdated Kosher Kings from many various hatcheries throughout the US.

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Are Kosher King Rooster Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Kosher King chickens are a fantastic first meat hen for small-scale farmers. They’re straightforward to take care of, with a very good temperament, a hardy disposition, and nice yields. Feeding your Kosher King good high quality meals, together with forage if out there, will end in high-quality scrumptious meat. They’re additionally appropriate for natural diets.

Total, these chickens are an ideal selection for a lot of residence farmers. If you happen to’re new to the breed, beginning with a small flock may also help you be taught in the event that they’re best for you.

Featured Picture Credit score: KelseyJ, Shutterstock

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