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Japanese Trapdoor Snail: Care Information, Varieties, Photos & Extra

The Japanese Trapdoor snail is a ravishing and distinctive snail that many individuals love for conserving vegetation and tank surfaces freed from algae development. They’re straightforward to look after, and many individuals even discover these snails to be straightforward to breed if desired. Their peaceable nature makes them an excellent addition to a wide range of tank environments.

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Fast Information about Japanese Trapdoor Snails

Species Identify: Cipangopaludina japonica
Household: Viviparidae
Care Stage: Simple
Temperature: 68–85°F
Temperament: Peaceable
Coloration Kind: Brown, tan, inexperienced, gold
Lifespan: 5–10 years
Measurement: 1–2 inches
Food regimen: Omnivorous
Minimal Tank Measurement: 10 gallons
Tank Set-Up: Freshwater planted tanks
Compatibility: Peaceable neighborhood fish, peaceable invertebrates

Japanese Trapdoor Snail Overview

The Japanese Trapdoor snail naturally lives in freshwater rivers and lakes, with many even being present in rice paddies in Japan. Whereas they’re native to Japan, they’ve change into established in a wide range of freshwater our bodies of water within the Jap United States. In Minnesota, they’re thought of an invasive species and their possession is restricted. They’ve change into well-established in Lake Erie. They had been launched to the Nice Lakes within the Nineteen Forties as a meals supply for the Channel catfish.

They develop quicker lengthwise than they do in width, giving them an extended grownup size in comparison with their shell width than different intently associated snails. This, coupled with their whorled shells, makes them straightforward to establish.

Within the wild in Asia, these snails are identified to function a number for sure parasites that may influence human well being. Nevertheless, this hazard doesn’t appear to increase to the aquarium commerce, particularly when coping with captive-bred snails. There has additionally been no proof up to now indicating they’re a number to any parasites that pose vital risks to people in the USA.

How A lot Do Japanese Trapdoor Snails Value?

These snails are sometimes fairly reasonably priced, however they could be considerably tough to seek out in huge field pet shops. Oftentimes, Japanese Trapdoor snails begin round $3–5 every, though they could run as excessive as $10–15 per snail, relying on the scale and high quality of the animal. In case you are ordering Japanese Trapdoor snails from an internet store, count on to spend upwards of $35 on delivery a stay animal.

Typical Conduct & Temperament

Japanese Trapdoor snails are extraordinarily peaceable animals that aren’t a danger to different animals in your tank. Some individuals report them consuming stay vegetation, however they’re extra prone to eat useless vegetation or unfastened plant matter on plant leaves. When supplied with common meals choices, they’re unlikely to devour stay vegetation.

They spend most of their time consuming algae on surfaces within the tank, particularly on plant leaves and tank partitions. They’re additionally nice at patrolling the underside of the aquarium searching for leftover meals, making them a helpful addition to most tanks.

Look & Varieties

Each Japanese Trapdoor snail is exclusive! Whereas all of them have a pointed spiral shell, the precise form and colour fluctuate extensively between every animal. They have an inclination to have shells which might be extra pure colours, like tan, brown, gold, and inexperienced. They could additionally present up in colours like reddish-brown, off-white, and grey.

All of them have an operculum connected to the underside of their foot. The operculum is a tough, shell-like attachment that enables them to completely pull their physique into their shell and defend the tender areas from hazard.

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Tips on how to Take Care of Japanese Trapdoor Snails

Habitat, Tank Circumstances & Set-Up

Japanese Trapdoor snails are comparatively hardy snails as soon as established. Nevertheless, they’re liable to dying shortly after arriving in a brand new atmosphere on account of stress and sudden modifications in water parameters. Drip acclimation and sluggish introductions are perfect for stopping issues with adjusting to a brand new tank.

Tank Measurement

Japanese Trapdoor snails are considerably massive snails, however they could be a good addition to tanks as small as 10 gallons. It’s not really helpful to maintain them in tanks smaller than this, although, since they’ll add to the bioload of a nano tank, making it tough for the filtration to maintain up and keep water high quality.

Water High quality & Circumstances

These snails can tolerate a decrease pH than many different kinds of snail, preferring a pH between 6.5–8.0, and they need to be saved in water that’s anyplace from mushy to medium-hard. They like temperate to tropical temperatures from 68–85°F. They need to be saved in a tank with no ammonia or nitrites, and the nitrate ranges ought to ideally be saved lower than 20ppm, though some individuals have success with nitrate ranges as excessive as 40ppm.


Any substrate is suitable for Japanese Trapdoor snails. Sand and different tremendous substrates are excellent, although, as they permit waste and meals to gather on high of the substrate. This enables the snails to choose up snacks from the ground of the tank as an alternative of waste slipping into the substrate to rot.


Though Japanese Trapdoor snails don’t routinely devour stay vegetation, they’ve been identified to. It’s finest to supply a densely planted tank that these snails can not deplete if being fed correctly. Vegetation with thick, sturdy leaves, like Anubias, are much less prone to be eaten than vegetation with mushy, tender leaves.


Whereas the Japanese Trapdoor snail doesn’t have particular lighting wants, lighting ought to be thought of when conserving a planted tank. Figuring out the lighting necessities to your vegetation will provide help to decide what lighting it’s best to preserve in your snail’s tank.


Regardless that the Japanese Trapdoor snail is an effective tank cleaner, filtration remains to be crucial to keep up excessive water high quality. Your tank’s filter ought to be rated for the scale of your tank, and if the tank is overstocked, you then’ll want a higher-rated filtration system.


Are Japanese Trapdoor Snails Good Tank Mates?

The Japanese Trapdoor snail is a particularly peaceable aquarium inhabitant, making them nice tank mates for a wide range of fish and invertebrates. They could eat deceased tank mates however is not going to hurt or devour stay tank mates.

Since they’re peaceable and slow-moving animals, tank mates of the Japanese Trapdoor snail shouldn’t be tough or try to eat the snails. Examples of poor tank mates embrace Goldfish and aggressive Cichlid species. Peaceable neighborhood fish, like most Tetras, Otocinclus, Plecostomus, and Kuhli loaches, are good choices, as are different invertebrates, like Thriller snails and Neocaridina shrimps.

What to Feed Your Japanese Trapdoor Snail

One of many high errors individuals make with these and different snails just isn’t feeding them. Whereas they do eat algae and leftover meals within the tank, it’s vital to make sure your Japanese Trapdoor snails are getting loads to eat by providing issues like snail meals, fish meals, backside feeder meals, contemporary fruit and veggies, and even the occasional excessive protein deal with like bloodworms.

Preserving Your Japanese Trapdoor Snail Wholesome

So long as they’re fed correctly and saved in wholesome water parameters, Japanese Trapdoor snails can stay upwards of 10 years. Sustaining a wholesome tank atmosphere is the important thing. Guarantee your Japanese Trapdoor snail just isn’t being bullied or attacked by tank mates, is being fed correctly, and resides in a wholesome tank with correctly managed water parameters. Speedy swings in pH and temperature, in addition to the presence of ammonia and nitrites, will be detrimental to the well being of your Japanese Trapdoor snail.


You probably have a wholesome tank atmosphere and each a female and male Japanese Trapdoor snail, they’re nearly assured to ultimately breed, though they can not achieve this till they’re round 1 12 months of age. Not like many different kinds of snails, the Japanese Trapdoor snail can not reproduce with out a mate and reproduces slowly and in small numbers, so there’s primarily no danger of those snails taking up your tank.

They’re viviparous snails, which implies they provide beginning to stay younger. Females can carry between 10–120 younger in a single clutch.

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Are Japanese Trapdoor Snails Appropriate for Your Aquarium?

The Japanese Trapdoor snail is a mild and useful addition when you preserve a freshwater tank with peaceable inhabitants. These snails should not excellent to maintain with tough tank mates which will choose at them, however they do effectively with peaceable and small tank mates.

Japanese Trapdoor snails can be utilized to assist preserve a tank clear on account of their love of sentimental algae. They’ll devour it from a wide range of surfaces, and so they’re huge followers of consuming leftover meals and detritus off the underside of the tank. They’re additionally excellent for the typical tank as a result of they reproduce slowly and are unlikely to take over your tank with their offspring.

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