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How To Calm Your Hen Throughout Thunderstorms (6 Suggestions)

Birds can simply be frightened by loud noises, and thunderstorms have been recognized to make birds fairly anxious and confused. That’s why conserving your hen calm throughout this time is so essential. Thunderstorms could make your hen flighty, they usually might try and fly across the enclosure and change into vocal to indicate they’re in misery.

We’ve got compiled a listing of ideas which you could apply to assist hold your hen as stress-free as doable throughout thunderstorms and assist your hen really feel calmer throughout these occasions.


The 6 Tricks to Hold Your Hen Calm Throughout a Thunderstorm

1. Hold Your Hen Indoors

In case your birds are in an aviary open air, it’s best to take them inside throughout a thunderstorm. It is going to be helpful to have a cage arrange for emergencies like this with the intention to hold them inside the place it’s secure, and the noise is decreased. In case your hen is already indoors, ensure that the cage is moved away from home windows the place the sound will be the loudest.

Rain and cloudy climate that normally comes with thunderstorms may make your hen uncomfortable, which is why being indoors would be the most secure choice for them. The indoor cage ought to have water, meals, perches, and a hideout the place your hen can take shelter in the event that they really feel scared.

person holding a yellow bird
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2. Do Not Place Them in a Darkish Surroundings

Most individuals will attempt to place their birds in a darkish atmosphere by both turning off the lights or masking the cage with a blanket to attempt to get the hen to sleep through the storm. Nonetheless, this doesn’t at all times work. The loud thunderstorm will hold your hen awake and since many home birds like parrots should not have good evening imaginative and prescient, they could really feel much more confused being in a darkish atmosphere.

Although they can’t see their environment they are going to nonetheless be stored awake by the loud noises from the thunderstorm. Your hen doesn’t must be in a brightly lit room, however a dim mild supply will work in order that they’ll nonetheless see.

a close up of a red headed lovebird
Picture Credit score: Heidy Hills, Shutterstock

3. Shut Home windows and Doorways

By closing home windows and doorways, it is possible for you to to scale back the noise of the thunderstorm. It is usually essential to maintain your hen away from home windows the place the sounds of the thunder would be the loudest. Transferring the cage to the quietest room in the home the place it’s the least busy is an efficient choice, and keep away from putting them in rooms the place the sound of thunder echoes the loudest, like an empty storage.

Whether it is raining through the thunderstorm, the battering sound of rain towards the window can also stress your hen out additional. The blinds and curtains of the home windows must be closed to forestall the lightning from scaring your hen.

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4. Play Mild Background Music

You don’t want to maintain your hen in full silence throughout thunderstorms, which is why you possibly can strive taking part in comfortable background music on a low quantity from a speaker. Classical music and both white or pink noise can even work to ensure that the one sounds your hen is listening to usually are not from the loud bang of thunder. Music may assist drown out the thunder. Full silence adopted by the occasional sounds of thunder could make birds much more confused than if the room is full of background noises.

lovebirds out of the cage
Picture Credit score: Denis Velicanov, Pixabay

5. Strive Calming Dietary supplements

With the steerage of an avian veterinarian, you possibly can attempt to use pure dietary supplements that may assist calm your hen down and are secure for pets. The kind of calming complement you employ will rely on the kind of hen you’ve got, and the vet shall be ready that will help you get the dosage appropriate in response to your hen’s weight and measurement. There are calming aids accessible that won’t trigger your hen to change into drowsy, relying on its components. Some calming dietary supplements that you should use on your hen embrace the UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Dietary Complement.

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6. Hold Your Hen Busy

Ensuring your hen is stored busy throughout a thunderstorm may also help hold its thoughts off of the loud noises and lightning. You’ll be able to supply them a new toy or give them treats to reward them for his or her good habits. Guaranteeing that your hen’s thoughts is occupied whereas a thunderstorm is going on is usually a good distraction whereas conserving your hen enriched with the exercise they’re doing.

Sitting by the cage and speaking along with your hen in a relaxing voice may hold them busy, nevertheless, it’s best to keep away from taking them out of the cage in case lightning or thunder frightens them sufficient to fly away from you.

macaw bird
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Thunderstorms could be scary for birds, however through the use of strategies to maintain your birds calm and cut back their stress throughout this time, you can find which you could make thunderstorms a bearable expertise for them. Crucial methodology to take is to ensure that your hen is indoors through the thunderstorm in order that they aren’t uncovered to the weather. Being indoors may assist cut back the sound of thunder particularly if they’re in a quiet room.

Some birds will finally change into used to thunderstorms after some time, however others might have to be calmed down every time relying on the hen.

Featured Picture Credit score: Sharon McCutcheon, Unsplash

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