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Golden Cascade Duck: Footage, Information, Traits, and Care Information

The Golden Cascade Duck is a breed of domesticated duck that has an excellent egg-laying capability and was developed as a dual-purpose breed. This duck has a singular cream and tan coloring, is used for each meat and egg manufacturing, and is in style as a yard duck for decorative functions.

This medium-sized duck is in style all through the USA and was solely not too long ago launched into the market. They got their title for his or her distinctive golden look which makes them stand out in opposition to different geese as pets.


Fast Details about Golden Cascade Geese

Breed Title: Golden Cascade
Place of Origin: United States
Makes use of: Eggs, meat, pets
Drake (Male) Measurement: 7–8 kilos
Duck (Feminine) Measurement: 6–7 kilos
Shade: White, cream, tan, fawn, golden
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Local weather Tolerance:  Adaptable to chilly and warmth
Care Stage: Straightforward
Manufacturing: Eggs and meat

Golden Cascade Duck Origins

The Golden Cascade duck was first developed in 1979 in the USA by David Holderread, who needed to provide a duck that was a quick grower and an excellent egg layer. The breed was later launched into the market in 1984 the place they have been used for twin functions—however primarily for egg manufacturing.

As we speak, they’re in style geese that may be discovered on farms or raised in your yard. Golden Cascade geese can be discovered within the wild the place they will deal with all climates with the 4 seasons. This duck breed has not but been admitted to the American Poultry Affiliation’s requirements of perfection as a result of it’s nonetheless a comparatively new breed.

Golden Cascade Duck Traits

Golden Cascade geese have many fascinating traits which have led them to turn into a dual-purpose breed within the egg and meat trade. They’re docile and fast-growing birds that weigh between 6 to eight kilos as an grownup. They develop to medium measurement with males being bigger than females. You can find that Golden Cascade geese are fairly energetic and revel in exploring their surroundings and interacting with each other.

Probably the most distinct attribute of those geese is their quick development which makes them capable of mature extra rapidly to put eggs and be used for meat. Their poor flight capability makes them capable of stay in fenced-off areas with out you having to fret about them flying away. The ducklings can depart the nest just a few days after being born and are fairly energetic.

These are among the Golden Cascade duck’s most fascinating traits:

  • Lively
  • Docile with a very good temperament
  • Quick development
  • Medium-sized physique
  • In a position to stay in all climates that have the 4 seasons
  • Produce well-formed eggs
  • Aren’t aggressive in direction of different geese
  • Nice swimmers

Makes use of

The Golden Cascade duck is a dual-purpose breed which implies they will both be used for meat and egg manufacturing or saved as pets for decorative functions in a backyard. They lay well-formed eggs and have high-quality meat. Since they’re docile and playful with a beautiful look, many duck lovers will preserve this duck breed as pets of their yard and will select to not use them for meat and solely their eggs. They will lay as much as 260 white or blue eggs a 12 months from January to August, which makes them respectable egg layers.

Look & Varieties

The Golden Cascade duck was named for the golden hue that covers their predominantly white our bodies. The golden coloration on this duck breed is as a result of brown sex-linked recessive gene that covers their our bodies, together with a crimson tint on their head.

The Golden Cascade duck can fluctuate in coloration relying on their age and gender, with females having buff or fawn-colored feathers blended in with their creamy white our bodies with orange beaks, brilliant white underbody, reddish-brown breasts, and patches of brown shades over their again. Each female and male Golden Cascade geese may have a statin inexperienced or bronze tinged head, nevertheless, the males have a white ring on their necks. Older drakes (males) can molt to a buff or fawn coloration on their our bodies and head, and their throats can flip a light-weight brown coloration.

The ducklings have a barely totally different coloration earlier than they’re absolutely grown and over 1 12 months of age. The ducklings sometimes have a chestnut-colored chest with a golden buff coloration over their our bodies, white sides, and shoulders, and a white underbelly that they are going to preserve as they develop.


The Golden Cascade duck was first bred in the USA; nevertheless, they are often discovered worldwide in a wide range of totally different climates. They make good yard geese that may be raised as pets in a backyard with a safe fence, shelter, and a small pond as a result of they wish to be within the water, particularly on scorching summer time days. Since this can be a domesticated breed of duck that does nicely within the egg and meat trade, they’re additionally saved on business farms.

There are sightings of Golden Cascade geese within the wild, nevertheless, a lot of the inhabitants is on farms inside the USA.


Are Golden Cascade Geese Good for Small-Scale Farming?

This duck breed is great for small-scale farming due to its good egg-laying skills and high quality meat. They’re simple to maintain on farms and develop comparatively rapidly with good breeding habits. They will lay almost 300 eggs a 12 months, which makes them fascinating for egg farming. You possibly can preserve a bunch of those geese with a correct male-to-female ratio and allow them to reproduce naturally or preserve a bunch of feminine Golden Cascade geese for egg manufacturing for meals.

Featured Picture Credit score: Golden_Cascade_female (Picture Credit score: Antheat, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)

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