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Do Yellow Australian Shepherds Exist? Is It a Customary Breed Colour?

Australian Shepherds have gained in recognition lately attributable to their exuberance and loving temperament. These lovely canines are all medium-sized with semi-long wavy coats that are available in many alternative colours. If you consider an Aussie, you in all probability image a placing merle coat, however do they arrive in different colours, like yellow? Australian Shepherds have 4 acknowledged colours and a number of other unrecognized ones, together with yellow.

Right here, we have a look at what makes an Aussie yellow and the opposite colours that you’ll find them in.

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A Little Concerning the Historical past of the Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds had their beginnings as sheepherding canines within the Basque area of Spain. The Basque shepherds used the Pyrenean Shepherd for herding, which was the ancestor of the Aussie.

The shepherds took their canines to Australia, the place their canines had been bred with Border Collies and Collies. The Basques then traveled to California, the place their canines turned fairly favored by cowboys and ranchers for his or her herding talents. In addition they turned fashionable sights at rodeos.

Nonetheless, Californians believed that these canines had been Australian, which is the place the Aussie bought their identify. Australian Shepherds had been additional bred and refined till they turned the canine that we see at present, so they’re primarily American Shepherds.

Australian Shepherd Colours

Australian Shepherd Puppies
Picture Credit score: lightman_pic, Shutterstock

Aussies have 4 commonplace and accepted colours by the American Kennel Membership (AKC). Inside every of those 4 accepted colours, there are just a few variations.

These are additionally the colours that you simply see mostly on Aussies:

  • Black
  • Blue merle
  • Pink
  • Pink merle

Black Australian Shepherds

a black and white australian shepherd dog standing on snow
Picture Credit score: Anne Richard, Shutterstock

The black Australian Shepherds have 4 totally different variations inside this colour group, that are:

  • Stable black
  • Black tri-colored
  • Black and white
  • Black and tan

Blue Merle Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd
Picture by Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay

The blue merle Australian Shepherd additionally has 4 totally different colour variations:

  • Stable blue merle
  • Blue merle tri-colored
  • Blue merle and white
  • Blue merle and tan

Pink Australian Shepherds

Red Tri Australian Shepherds
Picture Credit score: Fotoschauer, Shutterstock

The crimson Australian Shepherd is available in three totally different variations:

  • Stable crimson
  • Pink tri-colored
  • Pink and white

Pink Merle Australian Shepherds

red merle australian shepherd dog standing outdoor
Picture Credit score: Eve Pictures, Shutterstock

Lastly, the crimson merle Aussie has three variations inside this colour group:

  • Stable crimson merle
  • Pink merle tri-colored
  • Pink merle and white


Australian Shepherd Non-Customary Colours

Australian Shepherds are usually present in one of many commonplace colours or one of many variations. However there are just a few Aussies that may be present in non-standard colours. These are:

  • Dilute
  • White (not usually all white, simply an extra of white)
  • Yellow

A canine that’s predominantly white or has extreme white markings is usually a double merle. Sadly, when an Aussie has white on or round their ears, there’s the next probability that they are going to be deaf.

The dilute Australian Shepherd is precisely the way it sounds. No matter colour they’ve is a diluted or paler model, so a black canine shall be blue, and a crimson Aussie shall be a liver colour.

Yellow Australian Shepherds

Yellow Australian Shepherds inherit their distinctive colour from each mother and father. The yellow Australian Shepherd has a black nostril, and because the AKC requires liver-pigmented noses on crimson canines, yellow puppies come from mother and father which might be both crimson or yellow with black noses. However the basic rule is a yellow canine bred with a yellow canine will produce yellow puppies.

The yellow coloration can vary from a light-weight yellow, just like a yellow Labrador, to a deep golden colour, just like the Golden Retriever. Some canines may exhibit a wealthy russet or mahogany crimson, however these colours aren’t as widespread within the yellow household.

The gene that causes the yellow coloration is recessive, and each mother and father should carry the E-locus gene for this to happen. The E-locus gene is present in a canine’s DNA and controls whether or not the canine will solely specific yellow pigment or any of the opposite coat colours.

Some yellow Aussies might be mistaken for sable canines. To inform the distinction between them, sable hair tends to be barely reddish in colour with a black or darkish blue tip. The yellow Aussie has a constantly yellow hair shaft.

Are There Any Well being Points With Yellow Australian Shepherds?

The excellent news is there aren’t any opposed unwanted side effects with yellow Aussies. Sadly, this isn’t all the time the case with different colours, like white. Breeding two canines that each have merle coats normally creates imaginative and prescient and listening to issues within the litter.

The problem right here is that the E-locus gene can generally obscure the merling in a canine’s coat. This implies a canine might technically be a merle however will simply look yellow. Utilizing a yellow Aussie to breed with a merle canine may find yourself with two merle-coated canines breeding, which results in a nasty final result for the puppies.

Earlier than there was genetic testing, breeders had the fallacious impression that yellow Aussies might produce puppies that had been deaf or blind.

A really yellow Aussie might be bred efficiently with any coloured canine, together with a merle. The breeder simply must run a genetic take a look at on their yellow Aussie to make sure that they aren’t a merle-coated canine in hiding.

How Well-liked Is the Yellow Australian Shepherd?

Since yellow is a non-standard colour and because of the fable that breeding yellow Aussies would produce faulty canines, they’ve by no means been the most well-liked coat colour. However they’re definitely lovely canines!

The preferred coat colour in Aussies is blue merle. That is unsurprising contemplating how eye-catching these coats are!

However the colour of a canine’s coat shouldn’t matter. It’s about discovering a canine with the appropriate temperament that’s the excellent match for you and your loved ones.

The Australian Shepherd Temperament

The temperament of any canine is among the most important elements of selecting a canine on your family. Canine ought to by no means be chosen simply because they’re cute or their coat colour is interesting.

Australian Shepherds are athletic and energetic canines that do finest when given a job to do. They’re hard-working and can grow to be bored and harmful if left alone for too lengthy or not stored bodily and mentally lively.

However they’re additionally devoted, clever, and loving canines that make wonderful household pets. They’re social, and most will greet everybody they meet with enthusiasm.

They do finest with lively house owners who’ve expertise with canines. Whereas they’re wanting to please, their intelligence additionally makes it simple for them to outwit learners.



Yellow Aussies do exist and are simply as wholesome as another colour, so long as their mother and father are each true yellows.

Be sure that you discover a accountable breeder in case you determine that you simply wish to carry one in every of these canines house. Keep in mind, although, the colour isn’t practically as necessary because the canine’s well being and temperament.

In the event you’re searching for a high-energy canine that enjoys romping throughout the day and cuddling within the evenings, the Australian Shepherd could be the proper breed for you.


Featured Picture Credit score: Ermolaeva Olga 84, Shutterstock

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