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Do Rabbits Eat Cardboard? Is it Secure?

In case you put cardboard round your rabbit, one of many first issues that they’re going to do is chew on it! However are they only chewing on the cardboard, or are they really consuming it?

In case your rabbit is chewing on cardboard, they’re undoubtedly going to finish up consuming at the least a few of it. However is that this an issue? Do you have to do something earlier than placing cardboard in your rabbit’s cage?

We reply these questions and extra for you right here, so you recognize precisely what you’ll be able to and will do in case your rabbit is continually chewing on and/or consuming cardboard.


Do Rabbits Eat Cardboard?

Rabbit Nest
Picture Credit score: Klimek Pavol, Shutterstock

In case you put a cardboard field or related toy close to your rabbit, the very first thing that they are going to do is begin chewing on it. They may even probably tear it aside and even eat a little bit of it.

One of many major elements in cardboard is cellulose, the identical factor present in most plant matter. The rabbit detects the cellulose after which needs to chew on the cardboard.

Ought to Rabbits Eat Cardboard?

Simply because your rabbit appears to love chewing on and consuming cardboard, that doesn’t imply you must allow them to. Nonetheless, so long as you’re taking just a few precautions and solely use the fitting kind of cardboard, there are literally just a few advantages to giving cardboard to your rabbit to chew on.

First, it stimulates them mentally, which helps struggle off boredom and retains them joyful. Second, cardboard has cellulose, which is a key ingredient in lots of rabbit meals.

Lastly, chewing on one thing powerful like cardboard helps maintain their tooth on the proper size. Rabbits always must chew on issues to maintain their tooth on the proper size, and cardboard is a good way for them to do this.

Nonetheless, whereas these are all advantages of cardboard, you’ll want to take just a few precautions to make sure that you’re not by chance hurting your rabbit if you give them a chunk of cardboard. First, there shouldn’t be any markings or ink on the cardboard. So, cardboard with designs or logos is a no-go.

Second, be certain that there’s no tape, glue, or residue from these items on the cardboard. Glue is particularly unhealthy for rabbits.

How A lot Cardboard Can Rabbits Eat?

Whereas cardboard is ok for rabbits to chew on, there will be an excessive amount of of a great factor. So, how a lot is an excessive amount of? We’d love to offer you a transparent and simple reply right here, however the reality is that it comes right down to your rabbit.

They’ll chew on fairly a little bit of cardboard, however as quickly because it begins interfering with their precise food regimen, you’ll want to reduce. Whereas cardboard could be good for his or her tooth and has just a few different advantages, it doesn’t present all of the vitamins that your rabbit wants.


5 Nice Treats for Rabbits

In case you’re in search of a deal with to your rabbit, these are nice decisions. However take into account that these shouldn’t be dietary staples. Your rabbit ought to have a extremely nutritious and balanced food regimen before everything.

1. Apples

Picture Credit score: pasja1000, Pixabay

Apples are nice nutritious treats to your rabbit. Make sure you take out the seeds, as they are often poisonous to your rabbit in excessive portions. Apples are candy and crunchy, that are two qualities that rabbits love.

2. Carrots

a basket of carrots
Picture Credit score: jackmac34, Pixabay

What goes collectively higher than rabbits and carrots? Whereas carrots aren’t fairly as candy as apples and different fruits, rabbits nonetheless love them. They’re additionally nice for his or her tooth, and you may feed them just a few extra carrots than you’ll be able to apples and different fruits.

3. Bananas

Picture Credit score: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

Whereas bananas don’t have the identical crunch as lots of the different meals that rabbits like, they’re candy sufficient that the majority rabbits don’t care. Simply take into account that they’re not grinding down their tooth with bananas, so be certain that you feed them loads of different meals to assist with that!

4. Cherries

cherries in a basket
Picture Credit score: klimkin, Pixabay

Cherries are candy treats that rabbits can’t appear to get sufficient of. However identical to bananas, they don’t grind down their tooth as a lot. Cherries are good rabbit treats, however remember to restrict the quantity that you simply give them.

5. Strawberries

Picture Credit score: congerdesign, Pixabay

Strawberries are candy and rabbits love them, however they don’t grind down their tooth or meet all their dietary wants. Nonetheless, there’s nothing unsuitable with giving strawberries to your rabbit as candy treats.


6 Meals to Keep away from Feeding Rabbits

Whereas there are many nice treats on the market for rabbits, you’ll be able to’t simply feed them something. Listed below are just a few totally different meals decisions that you must keep away from when in search of a deal with to your rabbit.

1. Avocados

Picture Credit score: dahliane, Pixabay

Whereas avocados are scrumptious treats for us, they’re extraordinarily poisonous for rabbits. Avocados include persin, which is ok for people, however most animals, together with rabbits, can’t deal with the stuff. Hold avocados distant.

2. Bread, Pasta, and Different Grains

sliced white bread
Picture Credit score: Gamzova Olga, Shutterstock

Whereas these meals aren’t fairly as lethal as avocados, they’re not good to your rabbit. Bread and related grain-based meals are too excessive in carbohydrates and sugars, so do your self and your rabbit a favor and feed them one thing else.

3. Iceberg Lettuce

Brent Hofacker_shutterstock_iceberglettuce
Picture Credit score: Brent Hofacker, Shutterstock

Whereas this may shock you a bit, there are two causes that you simply shouldn’t feed iceberg lettuce to your rabbit. First, it has little dietary worth, so that you’re simply feeding them a filler meals. Second, iceberg lettuce can include lactucarium, which isn’t good for rabbits.

4. Walnuts

walnuts close up
Picture Credit score: NickyPe, Pixabay

Walnuts gained’t kill your rabbit, however that doesn’t imply you must feed any to them. Walnuts have extreme quantities of fats, and that may create indigestion. This can result in an sad and uncomfortable rabbit.

5. Chocolate

bar of chocolates
Picture Credit score: Safety, Pixabay

Chocolate is a no-go for any pet, and rabbits aren’t any exception. Chocolate comprises a litany of dangerous and doubtlessly lethal elements to your rabbit, so maintain it distant from them.

6. Peanut Butter

peanut butter
Picture Credit score: Pexels, Pixabay

Peanut butter is excessive in fats and gives no dietary worth for rabbits. It gained’t kill your bunny in small portions, however it’s not good for them, and there’s no motive to offer them peanut butter.


Ultimate Ideas

In case you discover your rabbit chewing on cardboard, don’t fret! It’s nice for his or her tooth and comparatively cheap, which is a good mixture if you’re making an attempt to care to your rabbit on a finances.

Simply double-check that the cardboard doesn’t have something dangerous on it. If it’s clear, go forward and provides it to your rabbit!

Featured Picture Credit score: JustynaKoniecz, Pixabay

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