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Do Hedgehogs Purr? The Attention-grabbing Reply!

Everyone knows that cats purr when they’re joyful, however do hedgehogs purr too? Sure! Hedgehogs purr as a approach to present their feelings. It sounds just like a cat purring however is commonly mistaken for growling as a result of many individuals don’t know that hedgehogs can purr.

divider-hedgehogWhat Does It Imply When a Hedgehog Purrs?

Hedgehogs purr for most of the similar causes that cats do, together with to indicate affection towards their people. You probably have a hedgehog, chances are you’ll discover that their purring will increase over time as you acquire their belief they usually start to really feel safe. If your pet hedgehog purrs regularly, it means they’ve quite a lot of affection for you!

Can You Inform the Distinction Between a Purr and a Growl?

Algerian hedgehog
Picture Credit score: Finest canine picture, Shutterstock

Hedgehog purring is commonly mistaken for growling. It may well sound related, and since many individuals aren’t conscious {that a} hedgehog can purr, they robotically assume that the sound is a growl. Nonetheless, there are methods of differentiating the 2 sounds.

Hedgehogs which are content material will exhibit relaxed physique language along with purring. Their quills will level towards their tail, they usually could make squeaks intermingled with the purring.

When a hedgehog is sad, their physique language will probably be aggressive. They might roll right into a ball or stand their quills upright. On this case, they may growl, and it’s unlikely that you’ll mistake them for being joyful.

What Different Sounds Do Hedgehogs Make?

Hedgehogs make many different sounds apart from purrs and growls. Understanding what these sounds imply will allow you to perceive your hedgehog extra and study to raised learn their communication.

  • Gentle clicking sounds point out contentedness.
  • Loud clicking is a part of defensive habits or aggressiveness.
  • Hissing is defensive and means, “Go away!”
  • Screaming or squealing is a sign that the hedgehog is in ache.

What’s most essential is to learn your hedgehog’s physique language together with the sound. This can allow you to decide whether or not your pet is joyful and exhibiting affection or if they’re indignant and defensive. Generally, defensive habits is solely a sign that they don’t wish to be dealt with.

divider-hedgehogUltimate Ideas

Hedgehogs purr to indicate affection identical to cats do. Whereas it may be troublesome to distinguish a purr from a growl, the hedgehog’s physique language ought to full the story. By studying their physique language together with their noises, you may get a greater general image of when your hedgehog is content material and joyful and once they wish to be left alone.

Featured Picture Credit score: glennsontag, Pixabay

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