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Do Birds Eat Wasps? What You Have to Know!

If you happen to’re dealing with fixed points with wasps round your own home, you could wish to take into account putting in some birdhouses and fountains. Some wild birds can eat wasps as part of their pure weight-reduction plan. So, attracting them to your yard will be an efficient pure technique of lowering the variety of wasps round your private home.


How Birds Eat Wasps Safely

Bird on a tree filled with snow
Picture Credit score: Oldiefan, Pixabay

Birds can eat wasps with out getting harm as a result of they’ve developed to hunt and devour these bugs skillfully. Whereas a chook’s feathers can shield them from some wasp stings, they aren’t proof against accidents from a sting.

So, birds will usually discover a solitary wasp fairly than hunt for wasps near a wasp’s nest. They’ll catch a wasp in midair, and a few species will grind it towards a tough object, similar to a tree to kill it earlier than consuming it.

Frequent Chook Species That Eat Wasps

Not all species of birds have bugs of their weight-reduction plan, and a few birds will solely eat a slim collection of bugs. Nonetheless, just a few widespread yard birds are recognized to incorporate wasps of their weight-reduction plan.

  • Mockingbirds: Mockingbirds are omnivores and have a broad and numerous weight-reduction plan that features wasps. Some sorts of mockingbirds are even recognized to assault wasp’s nests to eat the larvae.
  • Honeyeaters: Honeyeaters are one other widespread chook that don’t have a choosy weight-reduction plan. They’ll eat most something and are recognized to eat bees in addition to wasps. Honeyeaters are solely present in southern Australia, New Guinea, and New Zealand.
  • Cardinals: These vibrant crimson birds eat every kind of bugs, together with wasps. They’re extra generally discovered within the Midwest and japanese a part of the US. Due to how quite a few they’re, they’re one of many best wasp-eating birds to draw to your yard.
  • Swallows: Swallows primarily eat flying bugs, in order that they’re consultants in catching wasps. These birds are versatile and adaptable and will be discovered residing in every kind of terrain and environments.
  • Sparrows: Regardless of how small these birds are, they’re fairly efficient in searching and catching wasps. They’re one other widespread species of birds within the US, in order that they’re an excellent choice for attracting to your yard.

Easy methods to Appeal to Birds to Your Yard

Picture Credit score: Pixabay

You don’t wish to feed your pet chook wild wasps as a result of there are vital dangers concerned. Wasps will be carriers of parasites and different illnesses that may be dangerous to pet birds.

Some wasps might also encounter pesticides and find yourself spreading them to areas that they contact. So, it’s greatest to keep away from giving your pet chook a wasp you’ve caught round your own home and depart the job to its pure predators—wild birds.

The 2 important methods to draw birds to your yard are putting in birdhouses and chook feeders. A birdbath may also encourage birds to frequent your yard.


Cardinal birdhouse
Picture Credit score: GeorgiaLens, Pixabay

Strive organising birdhouses or nesting areas in your yard throughout the breeding season. This may make your yard look engaging to many species of birds. It’s also possible to attempt to cling birdhouses that match smaller birds, like swallows, to make sure that wasp eaters will inhabit your yard.

If you happen to don’t have birdhouses, you may as well attempt laying out eco-friendly nesting materials, like twigs, leaves, and dry grass.


birds on a bird feeder
Picture Credit score: PilotBrent, Pixabay

Putting in just a few birdfeeders is among the best methods to draw birds. When choosing your feeder, search for mixes that comprise suet desserts filled with bugs fairly than seeds. It’s also possible to put dried mealworms in feeders to draw insect-eating birds.

When putting in chook feeders, attempt to area them out to stop overcrowding. This can even scale back the looks of chook waste in your yard.



Birds will be an eco-friendly and pure resolution to eradicating wasps round your own home. Frequent species of birds, like sparrows and swallows, have wasps included of their weight-reduction plan.

Whereas birds alone gained’t eliminate big wasp infestations, they may also help management the wasp inhabitants round your own home. So, should you’re excited by utilizing a pure technique to scale back the looks of wasps, attempt putting in birdhouses and chook feeders to draw birds to your yard.

Featured Picture Credit score: 631372, Pixabay

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