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Cat Peeing on the Sofa All of a sudden? Right here’s 10 Potential Causes Why

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Cats may be delicate animals that may really feel like their entire world has been rocked by a easy change of their atmosphere. Generally, when cats are burdened, they may start urinating in inappropriate locations to point out their emotions. In case your cat begins peeing proper outdoors their litter field, then there may very well be one thing off with the litter field location, the litter, or your cat’s urinary well being.

Sadly, some cats will take their disappointment or stress out in your furnishings. Everyone knows how troublesome it may be to scrub cat urine off of issues, particularly absorbent issues like sofa cushions, to not point out how inconvenient it’s to search out random pee spots. It’s essential to know the potential causes of this conduct so you possibly can assist treatment it on your cat and your personal sanity.


The ten Causes Why Your Cat is All of a sudden Peeing on the Sofa

1. Medical Situations

Sick cat under the dropper
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In case your cat has began peeing on the sofa and there may be not one other instantly evident trigger, then you want to have your cat evaluated for a medical downside. Urinary tract circumstances, kidney illness, kidney stones, diabetes, constipation, and customarily feeling unwell for different causes can all result in inappropriate urination.

It’s quite common for your cat to start out peeing outdoors the field if they’re uncomfortable of their field or they’re having bother holding their urine, in order that they’re simply going wherever they’re when the urge hits. For cats with constipation and urinary issues, the litter field can tackle a painful and uncomfortable connotation for them. This ache results in an aversion to the litter field as a result of your cat will join their ache with occurring primarily when they’re within the litter field.

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2. Stress and Anxiousness

cat hidden under blanket
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In case your cat is feeling burdened or anxious, it may possibly result in inappropriate urination. It is a fairly widespread means for cats to reply to stress, and there are literally thousands of issues that may very well be inflicting your cat stress. If you happen to’ve dominated out a medical reason behind your cat’s inappropriate urination, then take a tough have a look at every thing you possibly can consider to find out if it’s attainable that your cat is burdened. A brand new home mate, constructing work, new furnishings, climate modifications, guests, multicat households to call just a few. The indoor pet initiative is a good useful resource to assist study cat stressors, even when your cat is indoor/outside.

Stress may be remedied by eradicating the stressor or serving to your cat modify to the stressor. Generally, stress and nervousness in cats is attributable to one thing you haven’t any management over equivalent to a neighborhood cat, however your vet is a good useful resource for locating methods to handle your cat’s stress at house.

3. Litter Field Points

cat lying on the wooden floor beside litter box
Picture Credit score: Tanya Plotnikova, Shutterstock

Everybody has a most well-liked cat litter, in addition to a most well-liked location for the litter field and litter field sort. Do you know that your cat additionally has preferences about this stuff as effectively, and so they don’t all the time align together with your preferences? Cats might start urinating inappropriately as a result of one thing has modified with their litter field. This could be a change within the litter, even when it’s the identical sort however scented otherwise or the litter field being moved.

As soon as your cat has change into accustomed to your litter field, they could type a robust choice for it to remain that means. If you happen to transfer their field to a special room or change it with a special sort of field, your cat might really feel disoriented or burdened and discover different, extra acquainted and comfy locations to go. And what’s extra acquainted and comfy than the sofa cushions?

Guarantee you might be cleansing the tray of deposits not less than as soon as a day as odor performs an essential function in cat litter tray use. Verify that you’ve sufficient litter bins, 1 per cat and 1 further and that they’re in quiet, non-public areas of the home away from meals and water dishes.

4. Worry

scared British blue-point cat hiding under the bed
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Cats which might be fearful, whether or not acutely or chronically, might urinate inappropriately as a result of physiological response to concern. This most frequently happens in conditions the place your cat feels in peril. In case your cat finds a spot that makes them really feel secure, they could be hesitant to depart the perceived security of that house.

Figuring out your cat’s concern and managing it’s the easiest way to repair this situation. Relying on the reason for the concern, this will likely take a couple of minutes or months. In case your cat pees on the sofa each time you carry out the vacuum, then you possibly can work on conduct modification coaching and hold your cat put away when the vacuum is out. In case your cat is terrified of one other animal or particular person within the house, then this will likely require sluggish and mild reintroductions a number of instances till everybody feels snug and secure.

5. Modifications in Routine

bengal cat on owners lap
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Identical to with the litter field, cats are sometimes sticklers for routine. Modifications in routine can result in inappropriate urination due to stress and problem adapting. The routine in query could be a routine that your cat has established, like watching the birds in your window each morning, or a routine inside the house, like if you go to work.

Throughout the pandemic, many cats grew to become accustomed to their house owners working from house. Whereas a few of them didn’t like the additional firm, others had been very happy to have their folks house a lot. As soon as folks began trickling again into the workplace, many pets grew to become confused and burdened, resulting in behavioral issues, like inappropriate urination. If a routine is inside your management, do your finest to make it as snug and soothing on your cat as attainable.

6. Modifications to the Atmosphere

australian mist cat sitting on the couch
Picture Credit score: Daniel Thompson, Shutterstock

Your cat isn’t simply explicit about their litter field and routines! Cats are additionally huge proponents of their atmosphere staying the identical. Some cats are laid again sufficient to deal with a brand new sofa changing an outdated sofa, however different cats may be extraordinarily uncomfortable with environmental modifications. Urinating on objects helps to mark territory as belonging to the cat and this will increase their feeling of security.

New furnishings can change into a goal of your cat’s peeing habits, particularly if they’re sad with the change to the atmosphere. Understand that the smallest modifications may be noticeable and nerve-racking on your cat—even one thing so simple as washing their mattress, changing their favourite blanket or laundry being left on the ground. Massive stressors, like bringing house a child or a brand new pet, can require a significant adjustment interval for many cats. Your cat will ultimately modify to modifications within the atmosphere, however it might take time, persistence, and behaviorist assist.

7. Marking

cat pee on the carpet
Picture Credit score: Pixel Shot, Shutterstock

Many animals use their urine as a option to mark their territory. Leaving their urine behind lets different animals, particularly of the identical species, know that that particular space is occupied. Marking will also be used to draw a mate. Because of the hormones related to intercourse organs, your cat is much extra more likely to mark in the home if they aren’t spayed or neutered.

If there’s a particular cause on your cat to remain intact, like a situation that doesn’t permit for anesthesia, then you possibly can speak to your vet about choices for managing the hormonal points inside the house. In any other case, your cat needs to be spayed or neutered as quickly as they’re sufficiently old. Some cats that attain full sexual and bodily maturity earlier than being mounted will proceed to mark out of behavior, requiring coaching to regulate the behavior.

8. Cognitive Decline

Cat welcomes his owner at home
Picture Credit score: Jaromir Chalabala, Shutterstock

It’s an unlucky reality of life that cats stay a lot shorter lives than people. Because of this many people are round to look at our beloved cats decline as they age. Many cats keep fairly wholesome or with manageable medical circumstances into outdated age, and many individuals know to anticipate modifications like arthritic joints. Sadly, many individuals don’t notice that, like folks and canine, cats can expertise cognitive decline as they age.

Cognitive decline is when your cat’s psychological schools or means to course of data appropriately begins to slide. This will result in confusion on your cat, or just not realizing that they aren’t peeing within the appropriate spot. Identical to with folks experiencing cognitive decline, your cat might require a bit of further assist to search out the suitable locations to potty, in addition to eat and sleep.

In case your cat begins urinating inappropriately due to cognitive decline, attempt to not change into annoyed. Your cat isn’t conscious that they’re doing one thing inappropriate and will really feel confused or scared by your frustration.  Contact your veterinarian for assist in managing feline mind growing older difficulties.

9. Incontinence

cat sitting near pee spot on the bed
Picture Credit score: Inventive Cat Studio, Shutterstock

Urinary incontinence isn’t quite common in cats, however it does happen as a consequence of medical circumstances or outdated age. For cats with urinary incontinence, they’ve little to no management over their urination. This will result in your cat urinating as they stroll or sleep. It isn’t unusual for pets with incontinence to pee on furnishings as a result of they’re spending time in a comfortable house and are unaware that they’re urinating.

Like with cognitive decline, it’s essential so that you can keep affected person and understanding together with your cat. Urinary incontinence will not be inside their management, and a few cats might really feel burdened or upset once they notice they’ve urinated someplace inappropriate. The added rigidity of you being upset with them will solely make the state of affairs worse for each of you. A full medical test up is really useful for any cat experiencing incontinence.

10. Mobility Issues

burmese cat lying on couch
Picture Credit score: Viacheslav Lopatin, Shutterstock

Inappropriate urination associated to mobility issues is commonest in older cats, however it may possibly additionally occur to cats with bodily deformities and disabilities. Situations like arthritis and cerebellar hypoplasia could make it troublesome on your cat to get out and in of the litter field. This will result in your cat urinating in areas that they’re able to safely and comfortably get to. In any case, a sofa cushion is rather more snug and forgiving than a tough litter field.

In case your cat is experiencing mobility issues, there are a ton of issues you possibly can attempt, relying on what sort of mobility situation they’re experiencing. Low-sided litter bins or litter bins with low entrances or ramps are an effective way to make them extra accessible to cats with mobility issues. You can even make the litter field extra accessible by adjusting its location. In case your litter field is positioned upstairs, it might be troublesome on your cat to get to it. You need to discover methods to make attending to and utilizing the litter field as snug as attainable on your cat.



In case your cat begins peeing in your furnishings or in different inappropriate locations in your house, then you need to begin by taking your cat to the vet to rule out a medical situation. Infections and ailments may be life threatening if left untreated, and should you assume you might be coping with one other sort of downside and don’t take your cat to the vet for months, then they may very well be in discomfort for a very long time. Cats are susceptible to cystitis in response to nerve-racking conditions so each bodily and psychological well being should be thought-about.

In each state of affairs, work to make your cat’s litter field simply accessible to them. Be sure you have not less than one litter field for each cat in your own home, plus one further litter field. You also needs to work to make your cat’s atmosphere as stress free and routine as attainable.

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