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Cat Instantly Sleeping in Odd Locations? 5 Doable Causes Why

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Anybody who owns cats is aware of they love their magnificence relaxation. Cats can sleep a mean of 15 hours a day—that’s lots of sleeping! Moreover, some cats will regulate their sleeping patterns to their people to allow them to obtain snuggles and cuddles when their people are round.

Cats definitely have their favourite spots the place they wish to sleep. Perhaps the windowsill in the lounge is your cat’s favourite spot, or maybe atop the cat tree is the place your cat feels protected to sleep. However what in case your cat out of the blue begins sleeping in odd locations? Do you have to fear? Is it regular? Should you’ve ever puzzled why the modifications in sleeping locations happen, you’ll discover the explanations right here. We’ll checklist 5 attainable the explanation why your cat is out of the blue sleeping in odd locations.


The 5 Causes Why Your Cat is Instantly Sleeping in Odd Locations

 1. Temperature

cat sleeping on blanket with paws over face
Picture credit score: Julie G, Unsplash

Climate performs a task in the place your cat desires to sleep. Within the winter months, your cat might search out a heat spot to relax and sleep, corresponding to on the windowsill or a spot the place the solar shines on the ground. Within the summertime, your cat will need a cool place to cuddle up and take a cat nap (pun supposed). It actually relies on the local weather for the time being, so for those who’ve out of the blue observed your cat sleeping in an uncommon spot, pay attention to the climate that day. Odds are, you’ll discover this state of affairs to be true.

2. Change in Routine/Surroundings

fat calico cat sleeping in the window perch
Picture Credit score: Lisa A. Ernst, Shutterstock

Your cat might discover different sleeping preparations if there was a change in its regular routine or surroundings. For instance, for those who’ve simply moved into a brand new dwelling, your cat might want to acclimate to the brand new environment and search out a snug spot to sleep. It could take some time, resulting in your cat sleeping in odd locations. Hey, a cat wants to seek out its comfortable place to nap, too!

The surroundings may change, corresponding to for those who’ve added a brand new pet to the family. Your cat might need to sleep far, far-off from the brand new pet to really feel protected and guarded. Wild cats transfer and alter their surroundings typically to maintain predators and pesky bugs and fleas at bay, and domesticated cats nonetheless carry this intuition.

3. Security

cat hiding behind the curtain
Picture Credit score: llaszlo, Shutterstock

A cat feeling protected in its surroundings is important to its total well being and well-being. Your cat might out of the blue cease sleeping on the windowsill if one thing scares your cat, corresponding to a chicken hitting the window or another kind of unexpected noise.

Elevated foot visitors or another distracting noise can also immediate your cat to hunt different sleeping lodging. For instance, when youngsters are out of college for the summer season, that individual spot within the as soon as quiet hallway might now be crammed with youngsters rumbling across the space, preparing for college within the fall. Cats like peace and quiet whereas sleeping, which makes them really feel protected.

4. Stress/Nervousness

Ginger Somali cat sleeping in the carpet
Picture Credit score: rdp47, Pixabay

A lot of points can trigger your cat stress and anxiousness, inflicting your cat to seek out different locations to sleep. Has building began up close by? Is there fixed banging and different loud noises? If that’s the case, your cat will begin sleeping in odd locations to flee the noise. A brand new, crying child might trigger stress and anxiousness in your cat, particularly in case your cat has by no means heard such a noise.

A brand new scent may cause stress, corresponding to a brand new perfume plug-in or incense. Cats really feel protected and safe after they can scent their very own scent. They’ve scent glands on the paws and cheeks, and they will turn out to be harassed if all they scent is the brand new perfume wafting all through the house.

5. Bodily Discomfort/Ache

Calico cat sleeping under the bed
Picture Credit score: Pixels Studio, Shutterstock

Cats are masters of disguising after they are in ache. That one chair within the solar might now trigger discomfort, inflicting your cat to sleep elsewhere. In case your cat is getting old and has developed arthritis, it could sleep in a extra cushioned spot for consolation. In case your cat is sick, it could retreat to an space that’s exhausting so that you can entry, corresponding to excessive up in a closet or beneath your mattress. Hold a watch out for irregular posture, aggressiveness, over-grooming, extreme vocalization, and total change in day by day habits. Most significantly, for those who suspect your cat is sick, a visit to the vet is critical.


As you possibly can see, your cat might begin sleeping in odd locations for numerous causes. Should you really feel your cat will not be in ache or misery, there’s no trigger for alarm, however your veterinarian ought to rule that out first. In case your cat is wholesome, pay attention to the climate or a change within the surroundings as a result of such modifications may trigger your cat to sleep in odd locations. Ultimately, if it’s an appropriate place in your cat to snooze, let your cat be.

Featured Picture Credit score: YvonneHuijbens, Pixabay

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