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Cat All the time Hungry? Right here’s 7 Potential Causes Why

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Is your cat at all times ready eagerly by the meals bowl and dogging your steps within the kitchen? Does it look like it’s bought a ravenous urge for food that received’t ever be sated? Or has your cat began shedding pounds irrespective of how a lot you feed it?

Cats ought to have a wholesome urge for food, but when starvation appears to be taking up your cat’s day, it’s potential there’s extra to it than simply getting sufficient energy. Keep in mind that cats naturally prefer to eat little and sometimes, round 8 to 10 small meals a day. Extreme starvation could possibly be an indication that your cat’s dietary wants aren’t being met, however it might probably additionally imply that there’s an underlying drawback—emotional or medical.divider-cat

The 7 Causes Your Cat is All the time Hungry

1. Boredom

bored orange cat lying on the ground yawning
Picture Credit score: fvoellmer, Pixabay

In case your cat is making an attempt to get meals all through the day, however there’s no signal of anything unsuitable, a standard trigger is boredom or loneliness. Identical to people, cats may be emotional eaters. Meals can be a option to occupy time in case your cat is bored all through the day. Within the wild, meals goes hand in hand with looking, which might take up a giant chunk of a cat’s waking hours, so changing that with a couple of minutes of chowing down can go away your cat with an excessive amount of time on its paws.


Assembly your cat’s emotional wants ought to remedy this. You may exchange your cat’s feeder with a puzzle field, add in additional human-cat interplay all through the day, or spend money on some nice toys.

2. Rare Feedings

man holding cat food bowl
Picture credit score: _Jaromir Chalabala, Shutterstock

Many homeowners feed their cat one massive meal day-after-day. For a lot of cats, that’s wonderful—in actual fact, they may even go away a few of their meals behind for later! However one meal a day may not be the healthiest alternative in your cat. Going a full 24 hours with out meals may imply that your cat is hungry effectively earlier than the subsequent meal—even when they’ve already gotten sufficient energy for the day.


This one is simple—attempt splitting up your cat’s feedings into two or extra smaller meals. By feeding your cat on a extra frequent schedule, you’re assembly these starvation cues at instances which might be a little bit extra pure. You can too serve your cat rather less meals and permit a couple of treats all through the day.

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3. Development

two grey kittens eating together
Picture Credit score: MaraZe, Shutterstock

It’s often beneficial to let rising kittens eat as a lot as they need, in order that they’ll have loads of power to construct muscle and develop to their grownup dimension. However do you know that the “development section” of life can final for 2 years or longer? When you’ve bought a younger cat, you is perhaps underfeeding it with out realizing it. Identical to a gangly 15-year-old human may appear to have a bottomless abdomen, your “teenage” cat may nonetheless want further energy, even when it’s reached one thing close to grownup dimension.


In case your cat is underneath two and at all times appears to be hungry, there’s probability they only want a little bit greater than a mature grownup cat of the identical weight. Persist with high-protein, good-quality meals and reduce in case your cat begins displaying indicators of being obese.

4. The Improper Meals

Cat eating pet food in a heart shaped bowl
Picture Credit score: Sharaf Maksumov, Shutterstock

Your cat is perhaps getting sufficient energy on paper, however that doesn’t imply its dietary wants are being met. In case your cat’s meals is decrease in protein or doesn’t have sufficient of some vitamins, your cat is perhaps always hungry. Intolerances and allergic reactions may cease your cat from getting all of the dietary worth out of a particular meals. Dietary wants additionally change with age. Senior cats can’t digest fats and protein in addition to they used to, that means that they won’t get all of the vitamin they want from an ordinary cat meals.


Attempt altering meals manufacturers. Search for high-quality cat meals with a excessive protein content material, chelated minerals, and entire grains. In case your cat has bowel issues or different indicators of meals sensitivities, think about getting your cat checked by your vet, simply in case. And in the event you’ve bought a senior cat, think about switching to a senior-formulated meals.

5. Diabetes

owner measuring the blood sugar values of his feline
Picture Credit score: Yaya Images, Shutterstock

Typically, elevated urge for food has a medical trigger. Diabetes Mellitus is a situation during which your cat can’t correctly handle insulin ranges, resulting in an incapacity to course of sugars. Some of the frequent signs of diabetes is an elevated urge for food. Cats with diabetes typically drop a few pounds regardless of consuming a standard quantity. Different frequent signs embody elevated thirst and urination.


If your cat has indicators of diabetes, a vet journey is essential. Giving your cat a therapy plan might help them to stabilize their weight and have all dietary wants met. Therapy varies relying on how the diabetes expresses itself, with some cats needing common insulin remedy and others needing solely a change in food regimen.

6. Hyperthyroidism

sick cat coughing at house porch
Picture Credit score: udeenmajid, Shutterstock

One other frequent medical reason for elevated urge for food is hyperthyroidism. Cats with hyperthyroidism overproduce thyroid hormones, resulting in quite a lot of well being points. Like diabetes, hyperthyroidism can result in weight reduction, elevated urge for food, elevated thirst, and elevated urination. One other frequent symptom is adjustments in coat texture, with fur changing into greasy, limp, or matted.


In case your cat is identified with hyperthyroidism, there are a number of therapy choices. Some cats are handled with common medicine or a food regimen change. These adjustments will enable you to handle your cat’s well being all through its life. There are additionally choices that can remedy hyperthyroidism completely. In some circumstances, surgical procedure to take away the thyroid is the best choice. It’s additionally potential to make use of radiation therapy to shrink the thyroid. Each of those options have dangers however could be a everlasting resolution.

7. Most cancers

sick cat covered in blanket lies on the window in winter
Picture Credit score: Germanova Antonina, Shutterstock

Most cancers is often related to a decreased urge for food, however some varieties or levels of most cancers could make your cat extra hungry as a substitute. That’s as a result of the most cancers stops your cat from absorbing vitamins correctly or will increase their calorie necessities resulting in fixed starvation.


Each state of affairs is completely different with regards to most cancers, and there are various completely different therapy choices. Your vet might help you stroll by means of the perfect situations and choices in your cat.


Final Ideas

Many cats appear to be always hungry, however that doesn’t imply that it’s regular or wholesome. More often than not, an extra urge for food may be fastened with a couple of adjustments to food regimen or routine. But it surely can be a symptom of main medical issues. In case your cat experiences a sudden enhance in starvation—particularly if it’s shedding pounds as effectively—it’s necessary to get a vet verify in case there’s one thing severely unsuitable.

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