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Are Plastic Bowls or Containers Unhealthy for Canine Meals? What You Must Know!

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Plastic is within the limelight—elevating many considerations. Because the pet market grows, so does the controversy about utilizing sure merchandise. However with so many plastic pet food packaging and meals bowls nonetheless dominating the market, are they actually so unhealthy?

Right here, we are going to discover why plastic may not be your best option and counsel some alternate options—should you’re wanting.


Considerations with Plastic Packaging for Canine Meals

We’re frequently shopping for and utilizing merchandise which might be packaged in plastic—from saran wrap to onerous plastic containers. Pet food makes use of plastic because the coating for dry pet food baggage in some circumstances. Plastic is usually additionally used for moist meals choices and contemporary meals storage containers.

So, it’s inevitable that you will notice plastic-wrapped merchandise marketed at canine—from meals to toys. So, what are the most important considerations about plastic?

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We’ve all seen the “BPA-free” promoting on plastic merchandise, however what does it imply? BHA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical discovered in lots of business plastics, and it may be very harmful. BPA’s most typical concern is infertility, however it will probably additionally trigger most cancers and a laundry checklist of different well being points.

In case your canine’s meals is packaged in plastic that makes use of BPA in composition, it will probably primarily leak into your pet’s meals, inflicting opposed results over time.

In line with the Meals and Drug Administration, BPA could be secure at very low ranges, however there isn’t a set assure.

Digestive Obstruction

One consequence of trusting plastic for pet food containers is the potential for consumption. All plastic may trigger an obstruction contained in the physique, and it’s unable to interrupt down within the system. If plastic items are torn off or your canine will get into his meals, you may not discover that they eat indigestible plastic.

So, in case your canine unintentionally consumes plastic, you could possibly have some fairly excessive vet payments in your palms. In case your canine is a main chewer, they could additionally love chewing on leftover plastic containers for meals because it smells like a scrumptious meal and is texturally satisfying.

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Along with plastic being indigestible, it may also be an enormous choking hazard. If the plastic is skinny, reminiscent of saran wrap or plastic baggage, it will probably wedge within the throat, inflicting suffocation.

Plastic can pose a choking hazard and getting lodged within the airway may cause injury to the trachea and esophagus.

Absence of BPA

You may see pet meals merchandise rave about being BPA-free. However what does that imply? It often means they simply changed the BPA with one other harsh chemical, BPS—bisphenol S—which is simply as harmfull as BPA.

BPS can intervene with pure cell improvement, inflicting an elevated threat of diabetes, weight problems, and most cancers. It additionally causes a whirlwind of reproductive well being points in each canines and folks.

So, the fact is that even once you see plastic merchandise marketed as secure, they seemingly have a alternative ingredient that’s simply as nasty. So we right here at Pet Eager imagine it’s most likely not price it.

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Plastic for Pet Meals: The Execs & Cons

Plastic is available, totally stocked on cabinets in pet isles, and filling up searches on-line. In case you purchase a product that makes use of plastic for packaging, it isn’t at all times essentially a nasty factor. It’s simply one thing that warrants warning.


There isn’t an enormous help system should you search for upsides to utilizing plastic, particularly once you’re involved about well being. However listed here are some advantages to utilizing plastic merchandise

  • Plastic Is Readily Obtainable: You’ll find plastic canine bowls in nearly anyplace you look. They scatter cabinets in departments and pet outlets throughout. You can even discover them on-line abundantly. There may be positively no scarcity of plastic pet bowls. And plenty of meals corporations use it of their packaging. And it isn’t simply fundamental plastic bowls. They make up a big portion of self-feeding bowls, sluggish feeder bowls, and others.
  • Plastic Is Normally Low-cost: Since plastic is such a available materials, it’s very low cost for corporations to make. In flip, it’s rather a lot cheaper to purchase than competing supplies on common. So, should you’re making an attempt to save cash, plastic is unquestionably an inexpensive possibility for nearly any finances.
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Plastic is stuffed with chemical substances and doubtlessly harmful when ingested is sufficient to make it straightforward. However listed here are just a few different issues to contemplate when you find yourself letting your canine use plastic packaging or merchandise.

  • Plastic Isn’t Sturdy: On common, plastic breaks rather a lot simpler than another supplies. It additionally is usually conquered by relentless chewers—so in case you have a boy or lady that likes to gnaw, plastic may not maintain up.
  • Plastic is Typically Porous: As a result of plastic is a porous materials, it will probably collect micro organism that you simply received’t even be capable to see. Though you wash it typically, it’s nonetheless not adequate, and this build-up can truly trigger your canine to get sick.
  • Plastic Can Include Toxins: Sure forms of plastic can include very poisonous chemical substances. It could embrace pure gasoline, heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalates, fluorinated compounds, and bisphenol.
  • Plastic Can Be Harmful If Ingested: In case your canine likes to chew plastic, it may be very harmful in the event that they ingest it. Plastic usually has sharp elements that the physique can not digest. Relying on the dimensions, it will probably create an intestinal blockage and even Pierce the gut, inflicting a medical emergency.
  • Plastic Can Trigger Allergic Responses: Relying on what’s within the plastic, it will probably trigger allergic reactions in canine. You may discover some kind of pores and skin irritation on their nostril or chin. In case you do, that’s an indication to avoid plastic merchandise to keep away from discomfort.
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All the way down to Brass Tacks: Info About Plastic Risks

In terms of our pet’s well being, it’s a important a part of the equation. Nonetheless, utilizing plastics poses an enormous threat to people too. If there’s any means human beings can minimize down on their use of plastic, we may scale back well being dangers for our four-legged greatest mates and us.

The underside line is that plastic leaches into the supplies round it. So even in case you have a kind of plastic with much less chemical content material than others, these chemical substances are nonetheless seeping into no matter product you have got.

Plastics additionally entice microorganisms that develop doubtlessly dangerous micro organism. In terms of meals, it will probably create fast progress of those micro organism, leading to sickness.

In the end, is it price it?

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Options to Plastic Canine Bowls

Since plastic is harmful for canine, it would elevate the query, “What pet corporations market plastic canine bowls?” In any case, your canine eats out of those bowls day after day—couldn’t that be dangerous? If it accommodates poisonous or irritating chemical substances, then the reply is assuredly sure.

In case you have been utilizing plastic canine bowls however are involved with their security, yow will discover many different choices in the marketplace.

Stainless Metal

Stainless-steel bowls are sometimes used for pet meals as a result of they’re rust-resistant, straightforward to scrub, bacteria-resistant, and light-weight. Stainless-steel bowls are available via most retailers.


Ceramic bowls are a superb alternative for pet meals as a result of they’re aesthetically pleasing, bacteria-resistant, and nonporous. Nonetheless, they’re breakable and may be costlier than another alternatives.

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Silicone is turning into a preferred materials for pet merchandise. It’s nearly indestructible and easy to scrub. As recognition grows, so do the choices accessible.

You’ll find some actually nice choices on websites like Chewy.



So, now you recognize that certain, you should buy plastic pet bowls should you select to. Nonetheless, different choices are most likely higher and longer-lasting. In case you purchase plastic, analysis to make sure it’s secure and toxin-free.

However the best choice is to avoid all plastic merchandise for canine—in meals baggage, storage containers, bowls, and even toys.

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