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6 Meals You Can Give a Stray Cat Safely (Vet Authorized)

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Animal shelters are always coping with the issue of stray cats. Individuals typically depart their pets once they transfer or once they can not take care of them. The issue is that almost all of those cats should not used to dwelling on their very own they usually typically find yourself ravenous or getting hit by a automotive. There are, nonetheless, issues that you are able to do to assist these animals. Certainly one of these items is to ensure that they’re correctly fed.

Feeding a stray cat might appear to be a small act, however it will probably make a giant distinction in that cat’s life. Stray cats typically go with out meals or water for lengthy durations of time, they usually can simply turn into sick or injured. By feeding a stray cat, you’re serving to to maintain that cat protected and wholesome. Once you see a stray cat out and about, the pure inclination could also be to need to assist by feeding them. It is vitally essential to make sure that the cat is definitely a stray and that you’re not feeding some-one else’s pet cat. Cats may be excellent at soliciting meals from a number of properties. Not all meals are protected for cats, so it’s essential to know what you’ll be able to and may’t give them. Listed here are some meals which are protected for stray cats to eat.


Earlier than You Start

Observe the place the cat is hanging out and stress-free earlier than approaching it with meals. Deliver a dish of meals to the identical location and time every day in case you see {that a} cat spends most of its time in a single place. Make the cat really feel snug by putting the bowl on the bottom and strolling away. It’s common for avenue cats to be timid and suspicious of individuals, so don’t attempt to pet or strategy them. Keep away from looking at or going through the cat instantly. Distance your self a number of ft from the cat and observe it from a distance.

The cat may want a number of days to get used to you. Nevertheless, extremely social cats may present affection and search your consideration instantly.


Together with the meals, you’ll need a approach to transport and serve a meal to the stray cat. Individuals normally feed the cats in plastic or metal bowls, after which take the containers house afterward. Since bowls are new objects, some cats might really feel suspicious of them. It’s potential to present meals on a bit of newspaper on this case. It’s also a good suggestion to hold with you an hermetic bag or container to retailer the meals. Utilizing a measuring spoon from the kitchen will enable you place the identical quantity each time. Empty meals bowls must be saved in a waterproof bag or container and refrigerated after meals (if you’re feeding them moist meals).


The 6 Meals You Can Give a Stray Cat Safely

1. Cat Meals

Cat eating his food_Ralph_Pexels
Picture Credit score: Ralph, Pexels

A cat’s eating regimen ought to embody meat, as cats are carnivores. Selfmade meals may be ready for cats, however shopping for the correct substances to satisfy dietary necessities may be difficult and costly. If you don’t correctly cook dinner meat, you possibly can additionally unfold undesirable micro organism and parasites in your house and probably trigger gastrointestinal infections in cats. The most secure approach to feed stray cats is to make use of ready-made cat meals that’s out there in pet shops. In comparison with moist meals packets and cans, dry kibble is the most cost effective and most handy since it may be simply saved and distributed, and can last more.

Business cat meals is by far the best choice, however in case you don’t have cat meals handy immediately don’t fear. Now we have loads of different choices for human meals you can provide to stray cats within the brief time period till you may get some cat meals.

2. Cooked Meat

cat eating cooked chicken
Picture Credit score: Forewer, Shutterstock

​​When feeding a stray cat, you will need to present them with cooked meat in an effort to preserve them protected from dangerous micro organism. Cooked meat is free from dangerous pathogens that may make cats sick, and additionally it is simpler for them to digest. By offering cooked meat, you’ll be able to assist be sure that your stray cat stays wholesome and pleased. Cooked meat can be a superb supply of protein, fat, and different vitamins that cats want as obligate carnivores. Cooked turkey, hen or beef.

3. Canned Fish

Canned Fish
Picture Credit score: monicore, Pixabay

Feeding a stray cat safely could be a problem. One choice for offering meals for a stray cat is to present them canned fish. Canned fish is a wholesome and balanced eating regimen for cats and may be simply obtained from most grocery shops. Fish is an efficient supply of protein and different vitamins that cats want. It’s also comparatively simple to digest, so it’s a sensible choice for sick or malnourished cats. Canned fish is an efficient supply of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, that are useful for cats. Search for low sodium choices and know that it shouldn’t be fed daily as it will probably result in dietary deficiencies.

4. Eggs

cooked eggs
Picture Credit score: Rasa Kasparaviciene, Unsplash

In the case of feeding a stray cat safely, eggs are an ideal choice. Eggs are a superb supply of protein, and they’re additionally comparatively simple for a cat to digest. Plus, eggs are comparatively low cost and simple to come back by, so you’ll be able to refill on them whenever you’re filling your stray cat’s meals bowl.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal in a black bowl
Picture Credit score: panchenko_karyna, Pixabay

Feeding a stray cat safely usually entails offering the animal with meals that’s non-toxic and won’t trigger hurt if ingested. Oatmeal is an efficient selection for this, as it’s not solely protected but in addition filling. Oatmeal is a bland meals that’s simple for the cat to digest and received’t upset its abdomen.

Some cats might not like oatmeal, so it’s essential to be observant and check out completely different meals if vital. Nevertheless, you will need to ensure that there are not any substances within the oatmeal that might make the cat sick. Raisins, for instance, are poisonous to cats. You must observe {that a} cat’s eating regimen must be based mostly on protein, so oatmeal isn’t a great base eating regimen. Nevertheless, it’s protected in your cat to eat and it may be supplied as a complement.

6. Veggies

cat eating spinach
Picture Credit score: PhotoIris2021, Shutterstock

When feeding a stray cat, you will need to present them with a protected and nutritious diet. Some good choices for veggies embody broccoli, spinach, and carrots. It’s additionally essential to feed the cat a balanced eating regimen, so be certain that to incorporate some meat or fish of their eating regimen as properly.

Cats are obligate carnivores, that means that they require animal protein of their eating regimen in an effort to survive. Nevertheless, they will additionally profit from consuming occasional vegetables and fruit, which offer them with important nutritional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



In conclusion, there are numerous protected meals you can give a stray cat within the brief time period. These meals will assist to maintain the cat wholesome and well-nourished. In the long run feed solely cat meals.  If you’ll be able to, please attempt to entice the cat and take it to an area shelter or veterinarian so it may be examined and obtain vital vaccinations and coverings. Our aim for each avenue cat is that they’re spayed and neutered so that they finish the cycle of distress for stray felines and that they’re adopted by a loving eternally household. Thanks for caring for our furry buddies on the market on the streets.

Featured Picture Credit score: ACS-Aleister, Pixabay

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