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4 Widespread Causes Why Your Cat’s Ears Are Again

close up ginger Scottish Fold cat with bump on its nose

Together with the tail and eyes, a cat’s ears are some of the expressive areas of your feline good friend’s physique. With 32 muscular tissues in every ear, a cat can swivel, flip, direct, and independently transfer its ears. They transfer their ears to pinpoint the supply of the noise, however you may as well inform so much a couple of cat’s feelings in regards to the place of their ears.

Particularly, if a cat’s ears are pinned again, it’s often an indication of aggression, worry, or anger. You will need to do not forget that all cats are totally different, nevertheless, and whether or not you’re attempting to learn its ears or its tail place, you should think about the context. Decide how your cat is appearing, what it was doing to trigger the motion in its physique half, and its environment.

Learn on for extra particulars about why your cat has its ears again and what different ear positions may point out out of your feline good friend.


The 4 Causes Your Cat’s Ears Are Again:

1. Indignant

angry cat hissing
Picture Credit score: Fang_Y_M, Pixabay

Some of the frequent causes {that a} cat may flatten its ears again is as a result of it’s indignant. If the motion that’s inflicting anger continues, it will probably result in the reason for the motion getting scratched or bitten. So whether it is you that’s making your cat indignant, flattened ears are a superb signal that it may be time to cease doing no matter you’re doing.

2. Combating

white and red cats fighting
Picture Credit score: RJ22, Shutterstock

A cat’s ears are extremely delicate and extremely environment friendly, however additionally they protrude from the pinnacle. They’re delicate and are within the firing line when they get in a battle. As such, cats will maintain their ears again and towards their head to maintain them out of hurt’s method and stop them from getting scratched or bitten.

3. Scared

scared British blue-point cat hiding under the bed
Picture Credit score: zossia, Shutterstock

When the battle or flight response kicks in, your cat’s ears will seemingly pin again. That is both as a result of she is about to get in a battle and needs to maintain them out of the way in which or it’s to be extra streamlined and permit them to run faster. Your cat may additionally pin their ears again earlier than working to guard them from injury.

4. Taking part in

kittens playing with cat toy
Picture Credit score: Michelle Maria, Pixabay

When cats play, they mimic most of the motions and actions that they might exhibit throughout actual fights. They use playtime as a way of working towards and honing their abilities, so it stands to purpose that they pin their ears again when play combating as a result of they might do that throughout an actual battle. Even a play chunk or scratch to the ears may damage, so it’s yet one more time when your cat must defend their delicate ears.

divider-catWhy Do Cats’ Ears Go Again When Taking part in?

When cats play with different cats, or after they play with canines and even individuals, they mimic a number of the motions and actions that they might soak up an actual battle. For this reason it may be tough to inform whether or not two cats are enjoying or whether or not they’re actually getting aggressive with each other. As a result of your cat would pin their ears again in an actual battle, they do the identical factor when enjoying too.

Different Ear Positions and What They Imply

Ear place can appear considerably random, however when you begin concentrating in your cat’s ear place and actually paying consideration, chances are you’ll discover they undertake sure ear positions relying on what is occurring of their environment.

Widespread ear positions and certain moods embrace:

  • Pure – A cat’s pure ear place is upright however not absolutely erect and pointing barely ahead. This permits them to listen to most issues round them evenly and is often a superb signal that your cat feels comfy and content material.
  • Upright – When the ears are erect and pointing instantly upwards, your cat is de facto concentrating. It has seemingly heard a noise that has received its consideration and it’s attempting to find out precisely what the noise was and the place it was coming from. That is generally seen once you open a can of tuna within the subsequent room.
  • Twitching – In case your cat’s ears are twitching, it’s a signal of irritation or it exhibits that your cat is nervous about one thing. It might probably’t actually make its thoughts up about find out how to react and, seemingly, the cat will quickly transfer to a special room or spot.
  • Uneven – If the ears are pointing in several instructions, usually with one ear up and one ear down, which means your cat is listening out for one thing or concentrating on a distant noise.


Cats’ ears might be extraordinarily expressive. When taken in context, their place can warn you to your cat’s present mind-set. A pure place means the cat is relaxed and cozy, whereas upright ears imply it’s concentrating.

When the ears return, it often implies that your cat is scared, aggressive, or indignant, though some cats will mimic this place when they’re play combating or enjoying, too.

Featured Picture Credit score: Nana Trongratanawong, Shutterstock

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