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18 Well-known Animated and Cartoon Cats

Cats have been cherished and adored by people for millennia, so it’s no shock that they’ve made their approach into mainstream cartoons, motion pictures, and TV exhibits. Whether or not they’re the principle character or a pet within the background, many animated and cartoon cats have caught their viewers’ eyes and have grown to grow to be timeless icons.

It’s unattainable to call all of the cartoon cats that exist on the earth, and since there are such a lot of, we’ve stored our listing to pet cats and didn’t embody giant wild cats. So, have a look and see what number of of your favorites made it to our listing.


The 18 Most Well-known Animated and Cartoon Cats

1. Garfield

Featured in: Garfield, Garfield & Buddies
Attainable Cat Breeds: Unique Shorthair, Persian

It’s exhausting to search out somebody fully unaware of this massive orange tabby recognized for his love of lasagna and disdain of Mondays. He was created at a time when there have been only a few cat characters in comedian strips and was drawn to attraction to cat followers and house owners. His recognition grew to the purpose the place Garfield comedian strips turned essentially the most broadly syndicated cartoon on the earth.

Garfield was created over 40 years in the past, and he stays one of the vital well-known cartoon cats. He’s in comedian strips, animated cartoons, and feature-length movies.

2. Tom Cat

Featured in: Tom and Jerry
Attainable Cat Breeds: Home Shorthair

Tom Cat is one other iconic cat that doesn’t really want an introduction. His full identify is Thomas Jasper Cat Sr., and he’s most recognized for being the antagonist within the well-known Tom and Jerry sequence. Nevertheless, there are a couple of storylines the place he’s the protagonist.

Regardless of being an antagonist, many individuals love Tom. Since his debut in 1940, he’s gone by means of a number of look modifications, however he’s at all times been drawn as a grey tuxedo cat.

3. Felix

Featured in: Felix the Cat
Attainable Cat Breeds: Home Shorthair

Felix is one other well-known tuxedo cat. This black and white cat was initially impressed by a brief story in Simply So Tales for Little Youngsters by Rudyard Kipling. He was created in 1919 and starred in animated shorts and comedian strips.

Although his recognition briefly pale with the introduction of sound cartoons, his resurgence within the Fifties helped him grow to be a timeless character. He has grow to be an emblem of classic nostalgia, and his merchandise continues to be being offered at the moment.

4. Sylvester

Featured in: Looney Tunes
Attainable Cat Breeds: Home Longhair, Maine Coon, Turkish Angora

Sylvester is an anthropomorphic tuxedo cat with a brilliant pink nostril. He first appeared in Friz Freleng’s Life with Feathers in 1945. He was later paired with Tweety Chicken in 1947. Most of his storylines revolve round attempting to catch Tweety, and he has died the best variety of instances out of all Looney Tunes characters.

In later Looney Tunes episodes, it’s revealed that Sylvester has a mom in Florida and a brother named Alan.

5. Stimpy

Featured in: The Ren & Stimpy Present
Attainable Cat Breeds: Manx

Stimpson J. Cat is a pink and white Manx cat that is likely one of the important characters of The Ren & Stimpy Present. Within the present, Stimpy is 3 years outdated and is a good-natured, but unintelligent cat with a mind that’s the scale of a peanut. He has a childlike persona and enjoys studying comics. His counterpart, Ren, is extra emotionally expressive and short-tempered.

The Ren & Stimpy Present turned a beloved sequence due to its humor and drawing types. Whereas the sequence resulted in 1995, it nonetheless has a loyal fanbase.

6. Snowball II

Featured in: The Simpsons
Attainable Cat Breeds: Ragamuffin, Norwegian Forest Cat

Snowball II is Lisa Simpson’s pet cat and has a considerably difficult historical past. Her predecessor is Snowball I, and he or she turned Lisa’s cat after Snowball I bought hit by a Chrysler. Regardless of Snowball II’s black fur, Lisa named her after her unique cat, which had white hair.

Then, Snowball II was additionally hit by a automotive, and a brand new cat, Snowball V, changed her. Nevertheless, this new cat was renamed Snowball II to keep away from any confusion and keep away from the effort of shopping for a brand new meals bowl with a brand new identify on it.

Although Snowball II makes very temporary and rare appearances in episodes, she’s nonetheless a beloved character amongst The Simpsons followers.

7. Cheshire Cat

Featured in: Alice in Wonderland
Attainable Cat Breeds: British Shorthair

The time period, “Cheshire cat” was truly an expression that was utilized in 18th-century literature. It was later characterised and popularized by Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The Disney manufacturing of the movie additional solidified the looks of the cat, and most of the people now know the purple Cheshire Cat and its iconic mischievous grin.

The Cheshire Cat enjoys toying with Alice and deceptive her. Nevertheless, he may also be an ally and be useful on a couple of events.

8. Duchess

Featured in: The Aristocats
Attainable Cat Breeds: Turkish Angora

Many cat lovers love the basic movie, The Aristocats. This film has many enjoyable and iconic characters, together with Duchess. She’s the mom of three kittens, and he or she leads her three kids again residence after they escape a kidnapping.

After the movie’s debut in 1970, Duchess has made sporadic cameo appearances in different Disney tasks, together with Home of Mouse and Miriya & Marie.

9. Hi there Kitty

Featured in: Sanrio
Attainable Cat Breeds: Japanese Bobtail

Hi there Kitty is a Japanese cat that’s recognized all world wide. She was created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu and was initially marketed towards pre-teenage women. Nevertheless, she discovered industrial success with shoppers of all ages and is now branded on all kinds of merchandise, together with high-end designer merchandise, home items, and musical devices.

Whereas Hi there Kitty first began as a personality to model on items, her recognition has grown to the purpose the place she has starred in a number of TV exhibits, comics, and video video games.

10. Puss in Boots

Featured in: Shrek
Attainable Cat Breeds: Home Shorthair

Puss in Boots was initially a supporting character, however he finally bought his personal titular film and starred as the principle character. This well-known cat is at all times included in Shrek motion pictures and different tasks, and he additionally had his personal Netflix TV sequence after the final Shrek film premiered.

Individuals fell in love with Puss in Boots for his charismatic and humorous persona, alongside together with his unhappy kitten eyes. He’s been in comparison with having comparable mannerisms as different well-known characters, like Zorro, Jack Sparrow, Don Juan, and Pepe Le Pew.

11. Oliver

Featured in: Shrek
Attainable Cat Breeds: Maine Coon, Somali

Oliver & Firm was loosely impressed by Oliver Twist and was presupposed to be a model of the basic story, besides with canines as the principle characters. Whereas there are lots of canines on this movie, it facilities round Oliver, a stray orange tabby cat. He has a form and caring persona, and he will be adventurous and courageous.

Oliver’s story ends with him getting adopted by a younger lady named Jenny. After his film debut, he was a recurring character in Home of Mouse, and he made appearances in Disney parks. His character finally retired, and his final look was in 2005 on the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland.

12. Figaro

Featured in: Pinocchio, Disney cartoon shorts
Attainable Cat Breeds: Norwegian Forest Cat

Figaro is an lovely tuxedo cat that belonged to Geppetto in Pinocchio. He turned a fan favourite and was truly Walt Disney’s favourite character within the film. He cherished Figaro a lot that he wished to proceed to make use of him after Pinocchio debuted.

Disney ended up having Figaro grow to be Minnie Mouse’s pet. Figaro additionally had his personal sequence of cartoon shorts and made some appearances in Pluto’s shorts. He was additionally seen in Home of Mouse.

13. Luna

Featured in: Sailor Moon
Attainable Cat Breeds: Bombay, Turkish Angora

Luna is a sensible cat that’s typically seen advising Sailor Moon. She’s a magical cat that may communicate, and he or she normally performs an important function within the completely different story arcs throughout the Sailor Moon franchise.

It’s later revealed within the sequence that Luna comes from a unique planet, known as Mau, which is a nod to the Egyptian Mau. Whereas Luna doesn’t have the noticed markings of an Egyptian Mau, she does have the agility, athleticism, and loyalty of this cat breed.

14. Mittens

Featured in: Bolt
Attainable Cat Breeds: Home Shorthair, Cornish Rex

Mittens is launched as a stray cat with a tragic backstory. She was left behind by her house owners and needed to be taught to fend for herself within the streets of New York. She’s very road sensible and has a sarcastic humorousness.

Luckily, Mittens has a cheerful ending and finally ends up getting adopted and residing with Bolt. Whereas Bolt was the principle character of the film, many individuals cherished Mittens for her intelligence and sassy wit.

15. Chloe

Featured in: The Secret Lifetime of Pets
Attainable Cat Breeds: Home Shorthair, British Shorthair

Chloe is a grey tabby cat that lives in her New York house together with her proprietor. She has a white abdomen and striped tail. Her eyes are inexperienced, and her nostril and ears are pink.

This cat is drawn as obese and likes to eat and infrequently has a number of sarcastic remarks. She’s sometimes detached to most issues, however she additionally has moments of displaying invaluable loyalty to her buddies.

16. Sagwa

Featured in: The Chinese language Siamese Cat; Sagwa, the Chinese language Siamese Cat
Attainable Cat Breeds: Siamese

Sagwa is a Siamese cat that was first launched in a guide by Amy Tan. She was once a strong white cat, however she bought her shade level markings after she fell into an inkwell. Sagwa is an adventurous and sensible cat that may write calligraphy together with her tail. The guide is about how she unintentionally modifications a Justice of the Peace’s new guidelines after falling into the inkwell.

A kids’s TV sequence based mostly on this cat was later developed, and it follows Sagwa’s adventures together with her siblings.

17. Nemo

Featured in: Arthur
Attainable Cat Breeds: Home Shorthair

Nemo is a tuxedo cat that belongs to Francine, a personality within the Arthur franchise. He was first launched as a misunderstood stray and was named Rose Petal. Nevertheless, Francine finally adopts him and modifications his identify to Nemo after Captain Nemo from Twenty Thousand Leagues Beneath the Seas.

In future episodes, Nemo is depicted as a crafty cat that enjoys teasing and annoying the canines within the neighborhood. Nevertheless, he does have some uncommon moments the place he’ll assist them out.

18. Kitbull Kitten

Featured in: Kitbull
Attainable Cat Breeds: Home shorthair, Bombay, Persian

This kitten is featured in a Pixar quick and stays anonymous all through the whole size of the quick. Nevertheless, it has a giant persona and captures the viewers with its animated actions and enormous, expressive eyes.

The kitten varieties an unlikely friendship with a bulldog and helps the bulldog escape its sad residence. They’re discovered by a brand new proprietor and find yourself residing in a protected and comfortable residence collectively.



We love that each one sorts of cats have grow to be well-known and beloved by many. These animals have introduced laughter and leisure to folks for years, so it solely is smart that many cartoon cats have grow to be immortalized and timeless.

We additionally love that new cat characters pop up each occasionally. So, we’re excited to see how our listing may change or broaden sooner or later as we uncover and get to know extra cartoon cats.

Featured Picture Credit score: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

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